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    Millennials Are Obsessed With Charcuterie Boards And I Just Want To Know Why

    I am unavailable to take questions at this time.

    Let's get one thing straight: Food is art.

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    Or at least it can be, if presented correctly.

    I enjoy a beautifully presented entrée just as much as the next person.

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    Right before I completely devour it...

    But it's so bizarre to me that food can become trendy. First it was the pickle sandwiches, then it was the Feta pasta, and now: charcuterie boards.

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    Technically, charcuterie boards have been around for quite a while, but they seem to be only increasing in popularity.

    Millennials love taking a basic concept and amplifying it until it becomes a trend.

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    I love us, but we need to have this conversation.

    And as a millennial, I just want to know why. When did we all collectively decide that slapping some cheese and meat on a board is the highest form of food art?

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    And why are we so passionate about it?

    And there are literal BUSINESSES and accounts dedicated entirely to this concept?! Looking at you, @sophisticatedspreads.

    And people get super defensive when you question their designs.

    Like, people are making MONEY off of this.

    And the variations just keep getting more and more creative, like this spread from @yayayumboards.

    The cones... 

    The salami roses really get me:

    The sauces in this McDonald's-themed spread by @dakotesmcgotes kill me:


    Even squirrels deserve a little pizzazz:

    Since 9 inches of snow buried the food source of squirrels and birds, I made them charcuterie boards! 😊

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    And it looks as though we've even graduated to holiday-themed charcuterie boards:

    I'm not arguing against their beauty or undoubtedly delicious taste — my question is more did we let charcuterie boards become such a staple of our culture?

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    Forget the middle-part vs. side-part debate. Someone explain this.

    I'm not the only one with questions. Many people seem just as confused on Twitter:

    Charcuterie ain’t nothing but some Lunchables that went to Harvard.

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    Is it just about the ambience? The feeling of elegance? Or the fact that charcuterie boards are an excuse to drink nice wine?

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    Please let me know in the comments.

    Phew! Glad we had that conversation.

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