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    Megan Fox Wrote A Poem To Machine Gun Kelly, And It's The Most Megan Fox Thing Ever

    You might say she out-Foxed herself this Valentine's Day.

    Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have a relationship unlike any other.

    Their love is a deep love. So deep, in fact, that Machine Gun Kelly recently revealed that he wears a vial of Megan's blood around his neck.

    The blood-necklace thing is obviously a level of commitment that cannot be matched, but Megan's recent Valentine's Day poem in honor of her BF comes pretty close.

    Machine Gun Kelly / Via

    Do other celebs do this too?

    To profess her love, Megan posted a few couple-y pics of the pair together on Instagram, followed by this...interesting poem.

    It starts out sweet, as if MGK makes her feel like a young girl in love: "...draped in the towering silhouette of a most unusually handsome boy."

    Giphy / Via

    That's pretty cute.

    But then it takes a bit of a...~dark turn~.

    @meganfox / Via

    It's beautiful and terrifying.

    "Magical and haunted"?? "Kinetic and tortured"??

    Megan Fox stans, tell me this isn't THE most Megan Fox thing you've ever seen.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Like, only she is capable of saying this.

    Personally, I love poetry, but I do wonder about this line in particular: "The journey will likely be perilous but there is no destination without him."

    MTV News / Via

    And especially the use of "perilous."

    Why is their relationship going to be "perilous"??

    Machine Gun Kelly / Via

    Like, is Megan okay?

    We're all aware that Megan has always been a bit of an "off the beaten path" celebrity, but this plus the necklace feels like a whole other level.

    New Girl / Fox / Via

    She does her own thing and doesn't give AF what other people say about it.

    Either way, they are clearly very happy together, and it's nice to see Megan happy!

    Acer / Via