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Just Some Megan Fox And MGK Moments From The VMAs That Made Me Uncomfortable But Also Say, "Good For You, Girl"

"Whatever daddy says."

You have probably heard Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are dating?

They go everywhere together, including last night's MTV Video Music Awards.

The couple sitting in the audience

And every time they go anywhere, they make a statement. Not just because this is what they wore.

Megan wore a see-through dress and MGK wore a sparkly suit and rhinestones on his face

But because they are very much in love and don't care who knows it.

There was the red carpet hand placement...

MGK's hand on Megan's butt

His hand remained lightly caressing her butt even as they sauntered away.

There was this enlightening interview on Megan's VMAs look.

Which naturally ended with her calling him "daddy."

Oh, and apparently "no other hoes" are allowed to be in MGK's music videos besides Megan.

This was them during the ceremony. I both feel uncomfortable looking at this and yet cannot look away.

We're just gonna leave this here. #VMAs

@enews / Via Twitter: @enews

The people behind them just smiling and clapping kill me.

Oh, and let's not forget the "hot girls with alt BFs" moment, as my coworker called it.

IDK about you, but these images are now burned in my mind forever.

MGK and Megan touching tongues

And while it is...a lot. After everything Megan's been through, it's nice to see she's happy.