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    I Told My Little Brother He's A Squib, Plus 15 Other Lies Older Siblings Tell The Younger Ones

    "You're adopted."

    If you grew up with siblings you know alllll about sibling lies. It's almost a rite of passage. As the middle child, I was both lied to and lying.

    For example, I convinced my younger brother growing up that he was a squib and I was the only one in the family who would be going to Hogwarts.

    Lies are just a part of having siblings. Here are 15 common lies older siblings tell their younger ones.

    Note: some of these responses were pulled from this Reddit thread because the responses were too good not to share! 

    1. That chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

    2. That certain foods are actually the opposite of what they are.

    "We were eating at a Japanese restaurant and my older brother told me that wasabi was ice cream."

    — botanicalextracts

    3. That you were adopted.

    4. That your older sibling is a spy.

    "My brother convinced me and pretty much all of my friends that he was a spy when we were about 7 years old. He had me and my friends complete missions so that we could become spies too. Eventually these 'missions' turned into 'get me a glass of orange juice or you can't be a spy.' He would do fake phone calls to the 'headquarters' knowing that we would overhear him and believe him."

    — lamiller0622

    5. That nickels are worth more than quarters.

    6. That broccoli are just baby trees.

    7. That red is green and green is blue, etc.

    "I taught my brother that the color red was called 'green,' and vice-versa for a few different colors. My parents found out when his teacher at school recommended he get tested for colorblindness."

    — Anonymous

    8. That if you swallow a watermelon seed you'll grow a watermelon in your stomach.

    9. That you were born in a swamp.

    "My siblings told me that I crawled out of the swamp, and when my dad went to hit me with a shovel to send me back to the swamp, I just took a big bite out of the end and my mom saved me and took me in."

    — popegonzo

    10. Or were hatched like a reptile.

    11. That rain only happens sometimes because the sky is actually an upside-down ocean.

    12. That if you bite into an apple, a worm would certainly pop out.

    13. That your parents were planning to name you something repulsive like "trash" or "barf."

    Inigo Montoya saying his name but his name is scratched out and it says "Barf"

    14. That Santa is evil.

    "My brother told me that if I was naughty around Christmastime, Santa would take me away and turn me into an elf to make toys forever." 

    — FultonHomes

    15. That the shirt you stole from them is actually your shirt.

    What are some other lies you told your siblings? Let us know in the comments below!