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    I Can't Stop Staring At The Tallest Supermodel In The World

    I just want to know how she shops for clothes.

    ATTENTION: the tallest supermodel in the world has been located and lemme tell you, buckle up.

    Meet Yekaterina Viktorovna Lisina, aka Ekaterina, former Russian basketball player turned model.

    She's 6'9." That's right, SIX FEET, NINE INCHES!

    That means she's the same height as Magic Johnson and LeBron James.

    Any tall person knows that the average heighted human loves to assume tall people only have two career choices in life: basketball or modeling. Somehow, Ekaterina did both.

    To start, she was part of the 2008 Russian National basketball team for the summer Olympics.

    And she now spends her days using social media to influence her modeling career. Not surprisingly, most of her TikToks center around the subject of her shocking height.

    Ninety percent of them are like, "I'm tall."

    Like when your friends are all shorter than you.

    "Tall-short friends."

    And, of course, the jokes about the struggles of dating.


    Guess @eduard_martirosyan height 🤪😅 #tall #longlegs #fyp #foryou #losangeles

    ♬ original sound - Jack

    I feel for her.

    She also hangs out a lot with Hannah Stocking, a model and influencer, who until quite recently, I thought was tall.

    Apparently, in the modeling world, there is such a thing as being too tall because Ekaterina is part of a modeling agency called World's Tallest Models that specifically focuses on "unique heights."

    Whatever she's doing, she's obviously doing it right!

    And absolutely rocking her height.