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Doja Cat Wore A Chair On Her Head At The VMAs, Plus These Other Wild Looks

"I look like a worm...that's dope."

This year, Doja Cat hosted the 2021 MTV VMAs.

I fully expected Doja to deliver some awe-inspiring content while hosting the show. I mean, this is the same woman that brought us "Moo."

But, I did not expect her to bring such...~looks.~

It started out tame. First, there was the red carpet look:

Doja wearing a short dress with a bustier and latex thigh-high platform boots

Then she transitioned to a chic, elegant, black dress to announce a few awards.

And we can't forget her floating, red moment for her live performance of "You Right."

Doja soaring through the air in a flow-y cutout dress

But then her fits took a different turn, starting with "worm but make it glam."

Doja wore a long-sleeved multicolored dress that encompassed most of her head

Quickly followed by chair-hat.

Doja wore a hat in the shape of a life-size upside-down chair

This look served practical purposes as well.

And finally, we have chicken feet.

Honestly, I couldn't tell you who won an award, but I could tell you what Doja Cat was wearing.

And on that note, we saunter away.

.@DojaCat struggling to walk in her worm outfit at the 2021 #VMAs

@DojaNews / Via Twitter: @DojaNews