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    15 Times Daphne's Mom On "Bridgerton" Was The Real Hero

    She should get a medal just for birthing eight children, tbh.


    Bridgerton has done a lot for all of us in these last few weeks, and its release couldn't have come at a better time.

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    There are the obvious perks of the show...

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    Forget thirst, I'm PARCHED.

    ...and then there are the less obvious victories — like Viscountess Violet Bridgerton, aka the unsung hero of the series.


    It's so refreshing to see a compassionate, loving matriarch in a period piece. So frequently in these tales, the mother is either dead, absent, or on the brink of dying, or the main character wishes their mother were dead. But Violet Bridgerton is actively present in advocating for her children.

    Viscountess Bridgerton's only wish in life is for her children to be happy, and although her acts of heroism are more subtle, they are heroic, nonetheless. Here are 15 examples that prove Violet Bridgerton is the surprise hero of the show:

    1. When she stood up to her control freak of a son.

    Anthony could use a gentle slap.

    2. When she tried (and kinda failed) to explain what "consummating the marriage" actually means before sending her daughter off to be boned.


    Yes, even though she didn't fully explain it, it's not her fault! She was interrupted, and talk of such matters was frowned upon in those days.

    3. Naming her children alphabetically because it's "orderly."


    Kris Jenner can relate.

    4. Her expertise in the art of romance.


    Coy, Violet. Very coy.

    5. When she pulled the wool over old Whistledown's eyes so that Daphne wouldn't have to marry Nigel "Predator" Berbrooke.


    She endured tea with "that awful woman" (Lady Berbrooke) so she could get the dirt on Nigel and then spread the gossip, knowing that Whistledown would publicize it.

    6. That time she gave a heartbreakingly beautiful speech about the trials and tribulations of love.


    7. Anytime she calls her children "dearest."


    It's like she's swaddling them with her words.

    8. That wicked little plot she concocted with Lady Danbury to match Daphne with Simon.


    Daphne's mom tried to match her with the CREAM of the CROP. That's top-notch parenting.

    9. Her ~casual~ suggestion that Daphne wait before she responded to Prince Friedrich's marriage proposal.


    She knew good and well that Daphne had no love for that man.

    10. When she knew that Daphne was hiding something and got her to come clean about her "ruse" with Simon, which obviously only forced her to admit her true feelings for him.


    "I know what I saw!" Moms always know.

    11. When she tried to tell Daphne that it's technically alright to have sex before long as you don't make a big "fuss" about it.


    Nineteenth-century feminism. We love to see it.

    12. When she downed champagne like a frat boy after Anthony resisted her attempts to set him up with a good match.


    Worrying about the futures of eight kids must be exhausting.

    13. And, in that same speech, reminding Daphne who the fuck she is.


    This speech was ultimately what made Daphne and Simon get back together, so we should all say, "Thank you, Mama Bridgerton."

    14. When she let Eloise choose the timing of her own "debut" into society.


    (Even though Eloise ultimately decided to go ahead and make her societal entrance.)

    15. And finally, her unconditional love for her children.


    Her constant problem-solving and ability to be hyper-aware of all the situations involving her children is admirable, to say the least.