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    Just When All Hope Was Lost, Florence Pugh Has Returned With Her Instagram Cooking Segment

    Blessed be the fruit in Florence Pugh's kitchen.

    Florence Pugh: actor, model, goddess, and sometimes...chef.

    Yes, that's right. Chef. The Black Widow actor began whipping up some meals in her kitchen and recording them via Instagram Live last year.

    Florence Pugh in her kitchen with cutting board and tomatoes

    Thus, Cooking With Flo was born.

    But as she says, "life" got in the way (aka filming a major Marvel movie, Marvel series, and upcoming film with Harry Styles) and she was forced to postpone her show for a bit.

    Florence Pugh raising her hands and saying "life"

    Only now, after a brief hiatus, Cooking With Flo is back!!

    Yesterday, Florence marked her return by whipping up some courgetti (aka zucchini noodles) topped with a nice "spicy, fresh, vegetable-y, tomatoey sauce."

    tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers in Florence's kitchen

    Everything Flo has cooked has looked delicious, comforting, and so flavorful that the aromas almost waft out of the screen.

    Plus, you get to watch Florence Pugh dance around in her kitchen...

    Florence dancing while cooking

    ...WHILE drinking wine.

    Florence drinking wine

    And she always combines the fun with a bit of education and a slight dose of activism — usually talking about how to avoid wasting food by using whatever you have on hand and what recipes you can make with bruised veggies.

    Florence talking about tomatoes and not wasting food

    Also, all of her recipes look like a family-friendly way to eat gourmet??

    Florence plating her meal

    It's giving Michelin star vibes.

    Florence's food all completed

    And then, of course, Cooking With Flo would not be complete without one more post-first bite dance.

    Florence dancing while eating her fresh meal

    Stay tuned, because now that she's back, I'm expecting monthly episodes.