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    People Are Sharing Things We Were Taught To Worry About As Children That Aren't Actually A Big Deal, And I Feel Betrayed

    "I really thought the Bermuda Triangle would play a stronger role in adulthood."

    When you're growing up, your parents tell you all sorts of stuff to get you to behave.

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    It turns out, a lot of what they say seems to be a universal experience. Recently, Reddit user u/Marshalljoe asked, "What is something that you were warned about when you were younger that you now feel was exaggerated?" Here are 15 of the funniest and most accurate responses.

    1. Permanent records.

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    "I'm 55, and nobody has ever asked me about the time I was sent to the principal's office when I was 16."


    2. Being lost in the wilderness.

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    "I thought being stuck in the Alps and having to drink alcohol from a Saint Bernard's collar would be a bigger problem."


    3. Swallowing gum or watermelon seeds.

    Swallowing-gum meme
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    "I'm still waiting for that watermelon to grow out of my stomach."


    4. The Bermuda Triangle

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    "I really thought the Bermuda Triangle would play a stronger role in my adulthood."


    5. That sixth grade would be the biggest challenge of your life.

    Three middle school boys looking scared at school
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    "My fifth-grade teacher told us that sixth grade would be a lot harder."


    6. Being forced to constantly "stop, drop, and roll."

    Homer Simpson rolling on the ground to put out fire
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    "My school made me believe that I would be set on fire frequently. It has obviously not happened yet."


    7. That bad things happen only after midnight.

    "I also like to live dangerously" meme
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    "Guess what, Mom? A ton of bad shit has happened to me in broad daylight."


    8. That talking to anyone online is dangerous.

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    "Hello, internet friends!"


    9. MLA format.

    Paper with highlighter trace
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    10. Turning on the car light at night.

    Mitchell from Modern Family looking at back of car annoyed with caption "Turn it off!"
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    "If you turn the car light on while your dad is driving, he will swerve off the road, immediately killing your entire family."


    11. Getting randomly caught in quicksand.

    Man struggling in quicsand
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    12. That cracking knuckles causes arthritis.

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    "It's annoying to hear, but it doesn't cause arthritis."


    13. That having bad handwriting would seriously inhibit your career.

    Bad handwriting on notebook paper
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    14. That mental math was a necessity.

    Man trying to do mental math and looking confused
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    '"We don’t use calculators in class, and you should learn how to not use one.' You’ll never catch anyone working with numbers and NOT using a calculator."


    15. That your face could get "stuck" if you make funny faces too often.

    Britney Spears making a confused face
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    "Apparently, my face will not actually 'stay like that' if I make funny faces in the mirror."


    What other worries from your childhood have not transitioned into adulthood? Let us know in the comments below.