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    I'm Baffled By Charli D'Amelio's Squishmallow Collection

    Is this a Gen-Z thing?

    You all know Charli?

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    TikTok star turned actual celebrity and lover of Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee.

    We are all aware of her Dunkin' Donuts obsession, which led to an actual sponsorship and her own featured drink: "The Charli."

    Well, it seems that she has a second major obsession. Or she's just loyal!

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    She is a Taurus though, so it checks out.

    In her latest Instagram, she shared her massive Squishmallow collection in all their glory.

    And I just...have a lot of questions. First, I didn't even know Squishmallows were a thing. Like, do all teens collect them??

    whathappensinmediaplanning / Via

    Is this a Gen Z thing?

    Two, is this the new Furby?

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    We've gone from Neopets to Furbies to...Squishmallows?

    And three, in her post she jokingly asks for a sponsorship. But if she were to get sponsored, does that mean she would get even more Squishmallows?

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    How much is too much?

    It's just...a lil' family photoshoot.

    @charlidamelio /

    They are slightly creepy but mostly cute?

    Does no one collect rocks anymore?

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    Do you collect Squishmallows? Let us know in the comments!