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    Charli D'Amelio Has Never Ordered Her Dunkin Donuts Drink And Other Things We Learned From "2 Chix"

    2 chix, 132 million TikTok followers, and 1 podcast giving you all the tea on their life as the world's most famous teens.

    TikTok superstars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio (AKA the most famous teens on the Internet) just launched their new podcast 2 Chix.

    And I listened to it so you don't have to. Here's what I found out...

    1. You can expect appearances from their famous friends on the podcast.

    2. Charli has never ordered her custom drink at Dunkin Donuts.

    3. They want fans to be totally involved in the podcast.

    4. Noah Beck almost didn’t star in Dixie’s “Be Happy (Remix)” music video.

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    Dixie D'Amelio / Via

    After some prying, Dixie admitted that her boyfriend Noah wasn't originally one of the options to play her love interest in the music video.

    "Okay, well, I’m a very awkward person, and I had to this scene, like up close and personal to a boy. I picked him because...I just thought it would be easier than some random boy, because I definitely would not be able to do that. It was fun. I’m glad I did it with him."

    5. They want people to know them on a deeper level.

    6. Charli got a personal dance lesson from Jennifer Lopez while filming her cameo for the "Pa Ti" music video!

    7. Lil Huddy introduced Dixie to BTS and K-pop.

    8. The most difficult part of social media is dealing with the trolls.

    9. They really care about their fans.