Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Were Just Vibin' At The Super Bowl, Plus 17 Other Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Celebs

    Celebs: They're just like you and me (but with a VIP section and AC).

    My favorite niche area of pop culture is celebs doing everyday activities as regular people.

    Ben Affleck walking down the street in jeans and a leather jacket and carrying a Dunkin' beverage

    Like attending sporting events.

    Beyoncé and Jay-Z sitting court side at an NBA basketball game

    Luckily, the Super Bowl provides ample opportunity for us to see celebs in the wild. Here are 18 behind-the-scenes moments of celebs excited about the Super Bowl.

    1. John Legend was ready poolside.

    And is also clearly a Bengals fan.

    2. The Rock shared a heartfelt post about his Super Bowl appearance, saying it had always been his “biggest dream to play in the NFL.”

    3. Olivia Rodrigo was there just casually hanging out with Cardi B.

    Screenshot of Olivia smiling at the stadium from Cardi's IG story

    4. Eminem's daughter Hailie was ready to support her dad.

    5. Mickey Guyton shared some rehearsal photos before her national anthem performance.

    And had a chance to check out the field.

    6. Former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin got ready with some Rams glasses.

    From her IG story, of Rams logo glasses that she refers to as "some classics from my favorite antique store"

    7. Sophie Turner shared her support for Eminem in classic Sophie style — with a joke.

    8. Megan Thee Stallion spent her Super Bowl chillin' with Christina Aguilera.

    9. Charli D'Amelio was seated and present.

    Screenshot of the game from her IG story

    10. Jamie Lynn Spears celebrated with a full charcuterie board.

    Screenshot from her IG story of a large charcuterie board

    11. But I have to say, Offset's full gourmet spread looked a lot better.

    12. Demi Lovato got decked out in Super Bowl gear to watch the game.

    13. Jay-Z strolled around the field with Blue Ivy.

    Blue Ivy and Jay Z on the field wearing masks

    14. Kanye West had a little moment with Odell Beckham Jr.

    15. Ryan Reynolds couldn't help but troll Will Ferrell from high in the stadium.

    Will keeps asking why there’s no fourth down.

    Twitter: @VancityReynolds

    16. Jack Harlow brought his little brother, Clay, who didn’t seem to be feeling the game.

    17. J.Lo and Ben Affleck were all "no thoughts, just vibes."

    JLo and Ben in their booth

    18. And finally, Doja Cat posted this photo and just captioned it "sports."

    Who was your favorite celeb sighting? Let us know in the comments below.