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    Ariana Grande's Documentary Dropped On Netflix, So Here Are The 20 Best Moments

    "I just inhaled a tear."

    Christmas came early this year for Ariana Grande fans.

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    Netflix just dropped excuse me, i love you, Ari's concert documentary from her Sweetener/thank u, next world tour.


    And while the whole film feels like a front-row seat to her concert, there are some other notable moments as well.

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    1. For example, Scott Nicholson and Ari dancing for Mariah Carey's Christmas video.


    Dance Moms ain't got nothing on Scott.

    2. Playing with blow-up dolls at rehearsal.


    Not really sure what's happening here but I like it.

    3. Seeing "Tattooed Heart" live (again).


    We all know what this song does to us. Every time she sings it, it gets better.

    4. Ari discussing some of her idols: Beyoncé, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.


    She's very open about her love of Whitney.

    5. When Joan Grande upgraded that little girl to a floor seat because she was scared of heights.


    Suddenly, I am also scared of heights.

    6. When Ariana tells the story of Piggy (her small pig) pooping everywhere, Myron (her dog) eating it and Alfredo seeing it and puking... all while Kristin Chenoweth was on Facetime.


    There are so many characters in this story.

    7. Ariana's little pre-show pep talk.


    "Oh my god. I just inhaled a tear."

    8. When Ari drunkenly waved to the snow.


    Self-trolling Ari is the best Ari.

    9. That photo montage of Nonna.


    My biggest complaint is that there wasn't enough Nonna.

    10. Seeing "everytime" sung up-close.


    Real fans know how jealous we all were of the lucky bastards that got to hear this from the pit.

    11. Ariana reacting to Trump's impeachment.

    i love them 😭 #excusemeiloveyou

    Netflix / @herbreaths / Via Twitter: @herbreaths

    This actually might have been the single best moment.

    12. Poor Scott being forced to watch scary movies between shows.


    This section was titled, "one of our favorite tour pastimes."

    13. When Ari pulled a classic "millennial-dancing-to-good-music face."


    We all know the face.

    14. Ariana and Victoria Monét walking to rehearsal holding hands.


    "Best friend/artist/songwriter" — what more can you ask for?

    15. The heartfelt speech of gratitude Ari gave to her fans.


    She's extremely humble and grateful and it shows.

    16. When Ari's tour manager posed for a photo... but it was a video.


    We've all been there, Roshad.

    17. That little eight-second clip of baby Ari.


    "The show's over, bye." - a future star.

    18. The crew singing "Astonishing" from Little Women in the car on the way to rehearsal.


    If you don't sing Broadway songs at dawn are you even a theater kid?

    19. Anytime Ariana says "y'all."


    It just warms my own little Southern heart.

    20. And that epic slow-motion hair flip.


    This is peak cinematography.

    Basically, it's just all great. Prepare to scream, or cry (or both).

    Netflix / Via

    What was your favorite moment of the doc? Let us know in the comments!

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