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Ben Stiller Explained Exactly Why He Thinks Pete Davidson Is Having Such A Moment Right Now, And No Lies Were Told

"He just has a real charm about him."

Pete Davidson has a big supporter in one of his fellow comedians.

Recently, in an interview with Howard Stern, Ben Stiller opened up about Pete's little "moment" as the current "It" boy, and his friendship with the SNL star.

Ben Stiller at an event

“[Pete's] an incredibly sweet guy,” Ben said. “He’s so personable. He's got such a charisma. He’s funny, he’s really funny."

Ben Stiller and Pete Davidson court side at a basketball

"He’s really funny on the show, too," Ben continued. "Like, to be able to go on 'Weekend Update' and do what he does — he’s doing him, right? It’s not easy to just be that funny and interesting and likeable,” he said. “Do a character, do a thing, but he’s really taking his life and he’s turning it into material."

Ben Stiller on The Howard Stern Show with headphones on

As far as Pete’s dating history goes — i.e. his ability to pull super hot A-list women — Ben has some ideas about why exactly Pete is “having a moment” and has become “so popular.”

Pete Davidson walking with Ariana GrandeP

"People were attracted to watching him on the show," Ben said. "And he just has a real charm about him."

Pete Davidson and Colin Jost on SNL

He also added that he thinks Pete is currently making moves to get more into film. "I get the sense that he’s a guy who really loves to work, cares about his work, and I think that’s how he’s going to be known. He’s got a lot of great work ahead of him, too.”

Pete Davidson in front of a fire truck

Petey, you've got a friend in Ben Stiller.