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    15 Times Anthony Ramos Proved That He Must Be Protected At All Costs

    If he glanced my way, I'd simply crumble to ashes.

    There are some celebs who are so precious, they must be protected at all costs.

    Anthony Ramos having his cheek caressed
    Warner Bros. / Via

    Yes, I'm talking about the one and only Anthony Ramos.

    Not only is he a Broadway, film, and TV star, but he's just genuinely adorable.

    Tony Awards / Via

    Here are 15 of his cutest moments:

    1. The entire "Mind Over Matter" music video.

    Anthony Ramos / Via

    2. When he proposed to Jasmine Cephas Jones in front of a LITERAL CASTLE like a GD prince.

    3. When he said this about his goatee in an interview with James Corden.

    CBS / The Late Show with James Corden / Via

    4. In "Come Back Home," when he delivered this romantic-ass line.

    lilaznangel / Via

    5. When he admitted his love for The Backstreet Boys and NSYNC.

    a / Via

    6. When he played Mars in She's Gotta Have It and just rode around on his lil' bike.

    Netflix / Via

    7. In Hamilton, when he slides over to Aaron Burr to sing-whisper this in his ear.

    Derek Keirsey / Via

    8. And then also in Hamilton when he drunkenly screams this line:

    Disney + / Via

    9. That time he serenaded Jasmine onstage.

    bwaySHO / Via

    I just love their love.

    10. When he posted this photo after finally getting his driver's license (at 29).

    11. When he somehow managed to make Cats look good with this audition video.

    12. When he told Trevor Noah how much In the Heights means to him.

    Comedy Central / The Daily Show with Trevor Noah / Via

    13. When he wrote this freaking poem to Jasmine on her birthday.

    14. In 21 Chump Street, when he delivered these heartbreaking lines:

    Ashley Lynch / Via

    15. And finally, in In the Heights, when he fumbles around the bodega because he's too shy to ask Vanessa out.

    Warner Bros. / Via

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