50 Of The Most Fashionable Moments On "Pretty Little Liars"

    Even when they attended 400 funerals, they still arrived in style.

    Warning: Spoilers below!!

    The internet recently reminded me of the truly outlandish plot that was the entirety of Pretty Little Liars.

    For seven seasons, we were strapped into a roller coaster of mystery that, quite frankly, didn't always make sense but was extremely entertaining.

    And while I still couldn't quite explain to you how the show ended, I do distinctly remember some of my favorite outfits.

    Let's face it — no matter their trauma, the main squad was always looking fresh. Here are 50 of the best Pretty Little Liars' looks ranked.

    50. Spencer's introduction blazer that perfectly suits her character.

    Spencer in a gray blazer with red trim

    49. Hanna and Mona's matching equestrian fits.

    Hanna and Mona in matching red polos and equestrian pants

    48. Spencer's little detective get-up.

    Spencer wearing white, laced boots, jeans, and a trench coat

    47. Hanna and Emily's coordinated hip-hop outfits for their choreographed dance.

    Emily and Hanna wearing coordinated flannel shirts tied around their waists, sneakers, and crop tops

    46. The Season 2 funeral look that I have to say, Hanna won.

    All four main girls wearing black funeral dresses

    45. Aria's cute, little color-blocked dress.

    Aria wearing a neon-colored dress

    44. This quintessential Emily look that is effortlessly cool.

    Emily wearing a black vest and cargo pants

    43. Spencer's simple, but trendy sweater and loafer combo.

    Spencer wearing a sweater with red trim and loafers

    42. Hanna's Marilyn Monroe Halloween costume from Season 3 that she absolutely nailed.

    Hanna wearing a white Marilyn Monroe dress and white heels

    41. Honestly, they all look great here, but Aria's brown, leather skirt and skull shirt really stand out.

    Aria wearing a brown bright skirt and a shirt with skulls on it

    40. This purse Hanna carries at one point that complements her dress nicely.

    Hanna wearing a blue polka-dot dress and a purse with blocks of bright colors

    39. Ali's "did you miss me?" look from Season 4, when we finally discovered she was still alive.

    Ali wearing a red trench coat and gray boots

    38. Aria's very colorful pink romper and yellow, leather jacket.

    Aria wearing a yellow leather jacket and brown heels

    37. Aria and Hanna's fashion show looks from Season 2.

    Aria and Hanna wearing boho style clothes in a fashion show

    36. This iconic Emily look, which is how I see her in my mind.

    Emily wearing jean shorts, black heeled boots, and a black vest

    35. Hanna's checkered miniskirt and dramatic purple coat.

    Hanna wearing a purple fuzzy collared blazer

    34. This chic Aria look from Season 7.

    Aria wearing a miniskirt with tribal patterns, heeled booties, and a blazer

    33. Another funeral look that, once again, Hanna nailed.

    All four girls wearing black, sexy dresses to a funeral

    32. Aria's mix-n-match patterned look that somehow works really well.

    Aria wearing a floral blazer and striped dress

    31. This out-of-character blue romper that Emily is rockin' with the brown boots.

    Emily wearing a blue romper and brown boots

    30. Hanna and Aria's homecoming looks from Season 1.

    Hanna wearing a blue dress with dangling, diamond earrings and Aria wearing a black dress

    29. This perfect, preppy Spencer ensemble that I only wish I could pull off.

    Spencer wearing a red hat with a matching red button-down shirt and gray vest

    28. This Aria high-low skirt + suspenders that are perfectly paired with the black heels.

    Aria wearing a classic, high-low dress and black heels

    27. Spencer's sexy pirate-looking ensemble for the Season 2 fashion show.

    Spencer wearing a sexy pirate costume in a fashion show

    26. And then Emily's fashion show look because it's incredible.

    Emily wearing a sexy black shirt and leopard skirt with feathers

    25. This preppy, but edgy Hanna look from Season 3.

    Hanna wearing a preppy pencil skirt and plaid blazer

    24. This Spencer look from Season 2 that I think might be one of her best ever.

    Spencer wearing socks and laced, heeled boots and a dress

    23. How could we ever forget Aria's metallic, blue skirt and sleeveless button-down?

    Aria wearing a shining, blue metallic skirt

    22. These iconic masquerade gowns, but especially Hanna’s corset and flower crown combination.

    All four girls dressed in dramatic ball gowns for a masquerade

    21. One of the few exceptionally stylish summer outfits that Hanna wears on the show.

    Hanna wearing laced stockings and a blue peacoat with a matching headband

    20. Spencer's brown leather trench coat/vest paired with a button-down and tie.

    Spencer wearing a brown trenchcoat with a tie

    19. Mona's scary Christmas costume from Season 5.

    Monda dressed in ghostly makeup and a white wig with gray, chained dress

    18. Aria's officiant outfit at her parent's wedding, with her incredible gold heels.

    Aria wearing gold heels and a black miniskirt with white blouse

    17. Paige's hot Christmas tux from Season 5.

    Paige wearing a matching white and black tux and black heels

    16. All of their outfits in this scene, but especially Hanna's because it looks extra cool.

    Hanna wearing fish net stockings and a jean skirt and gray sweater

    15. This little striped dress and belt moment for Aria.

    Aria wearing a striped body con dress

    14. Hanna's very grownup-looking pant and blazer look from Season 5.

    Hanna wearing flowing pants and a white blouse with dark blue blazer

    13. This simple, but cute skirt/leather jacket pairing for the perfect Aria look that says, "I'm tiny but mighty."

    Aria wearing a light blue skirt with a black leather jacket and white blouse

    12. Hanna's simple, but sexy black skirt and crop top at Aria's parents' wedding.

    Hanna wearing a black crop top and black belted skirt

    11. Obviously, all four of the dresses from the bridal fashion show.

    all four girls wearing custom wedding dresses

    10. Ali's very sexy and elegant film noir look.

    Ali dressed in a film noir style gown with her hair pinned up

    9. This perfect Aria fit from her blazer, to her leopard skirt, to her shoes, to her salmon bag.

    Aria wearing a leopard skirt, white heels, and a striped blazer

    8. The squad's prom looks from Season 5 before pre-dollhouse chaos.

    all four girls wearing prom dresses

    7. Ali's Christmas ball gown that is perfectly paired with the choker.

    Ali wearing a long, beaded blue gown

    6. And then Ali's yellow prom moment from Season 6 that positively glows.

    Ali wearing a yellow ball gown

    5. This absolutely iconic Emily Halloween costume from Season 3.

    Emily dressed like a sexy space alien with metallic silver boots for Halloween

    4. The main girls' prom dresses from Season 6 (minus Aria's because hers was nothing to write home about).

    Emily, Hanna, and Spencer wearing ball gowns

    3. All four girls' dresses in the Season 5 Christmas episode.

    all four girls wearing white and gold Christmas dresses

    2. This comic book dress and bright yellow purse that might be the GOAT of Aria outfits.

    Aria wearing a tight dress with comic book characters on it

    1. And finally, hands-down their greatest look on the show was their Edwardian-era Halloween costumes in Season 4.

    all four girls wearing Edwardian-style ball gowns with intricate details

    What are your favorite looks from Pretty Little Liars? Let us know in the comments below.