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    If These Literary Leaders Ran For President, What Would They Be Like?

    Because let's face it.. this election feels right out of a fantasy novel.

    Watching the current presidential hopefuls duke it out is a little exhausting by now, and at this point it's hard to tell whether or not we're dealing with fiction or reality with them. You've got a terrifying, thin haired man threatening the lives of millions of people across the country, sound familiar? This man is unfortunately not of fiction, but the very real Donald Trump.

    But hold up, imagine how amazing (or terrifying) this election could really be! There are tons of absolutely brilliant leaders in some of our favorite novels; they break down barriers, they raise people up, they incite revolution! And there are equally as many terrifying and truly despicable leaders to be found in literature.

    Some of these leaders strolled in to their offices and some gained the trust and love of their followers, now imagine all your favorites duking it out to be your next President. What parties would they be a part of? What would their stances be?

    1. Coriolanus Snow

    Who is he?: Coriolanus Snow rose to power in the far off land of Panem where he made his fortunes in mining and agriculture, and has earned conservative love and liberal hate for his pro-military and anti-abortion stances.

    Party Affiliation: Republican Party

    Experience: Former President of Panem

    Ideologies: Opposes same sex marriage, opposes abortion, strongly favors strict crime punishment, opposes citizenship for illegal immigrants, pro-military, pro-gun.

    Can he win the nomination? With seemingly infinite funds to keep his campaign going, Snow stands a very good chance of snagging the Republican nomination.

    2. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

    Who is he? A beloved Headmaster at Hogwarts School For Witchcraft and Wizardry and a self-professed socialist, Albus Dumbledore has a large liberal fan base for all the work he’s done for underprivileged youths and education reform.

    Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

    Experience: Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards; Cheof Warlock of the Wizengamot; Former Headmaster of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

    Ideologies: Pro same sex marriage, pro choice, pro immigration rights, pro gun control, anti-military, pro muggle , strongly opposes corporal punishement and strict criminal punishment

    Can he win the nomination? At the beginning of his campaign, it appeared as though Albus was a spark of light to inspire other liberal candidates. But as time has gone by, he’s attracted large crowds at rallies and is neck in neck in several key primary states with former front runners.

    3. The Queen of Hearts

    Who is she? An impassioned and aggressive self proclaimed Queen, The Queen of Hearts rose to power in Wonderland and held her position there with an iron fist. She’s gained the support of many conservatives for her cutthroat tactics and "blame them" style of debate.

    Party Affiliation: Republican

    Experience: Ruler of Wonderland

    Ideologies: Anti same sex marriage, pro life, pro stronger borders, stricter punishments for criminals, pro military expansion.

    Can she win the nomination? Her impassioned rants and tirades at her rallies have created a strong conservative following for her. She has little to no support from the Republican party, but has the funds to push her through the campaigns.

    4. Daenarys Taergaryn

    Who is she? The only living survivor of a once proud dynasty of rulers, she has emerged as the most compassionate of her family and handles her campaign with strength and confidence. The middle and lower class support her and she has gained their love through her tireless work providing jobs and health care initiatives for the lower class.

    Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

    Experience: Khaleesi of The Great Grass Sea, Breaker Of Chains, and Mother of Dragons.

    Ideologies: Pro Women’s Rights, Pro LGBTQA+ Rights, against stricter punishments for crimes, pro gun control, pro immigration initiatives, pro high taxes on the wealthy, pro military

    Can she win the nomination? She rides on the wings of the people’s support, and holds the secret support of the Democratic Party. It seems as though the Party is waiting on further evolution of her campaign strategies and funding before announcing full support.

    5. Aphrodite

    Who is she? One of the Greek Gods of Olympus, she is the goddes of beauty, love, lust, desire, sexuality, and pleasure. A clear socialist through her actions and political strategies, Aphrodite comes from a long line of rulers and leaders and has advised some of the top heroes and leaders of our time.

    Party Affiliation: Democratic Party

    Experience: The Greek goddess of beauty, love, lust, desire, sexuality, and pleasure.

    Ideologies: Pro Women’s Rights, Pro LGBTQA+ Rights, Pro Immigration rights, anti military, pro gun control, pro ending US presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, strongly favors diplomacy in international affairs.

    Can she win the nomination? Aphrodite comes from a checkered past that has helped and hurt her in the race to the candidacy. She’s openly admitted to her illegitimate affairs and children that have come out of those affairs, yet hidden her role in the release of the miseries in Pandora’s jar. Her many secrets keep her public approval ratings fluctuating and the Democratic Party suspicious.

    6. Lady MacBeth

    Who is she? A powerful and cunning woman, Lady MacBeth was an integral part in her husband’s ascension to the Scottish throne. She’s cold, calculating, and extremely goal oriented.

    Party Affiliation: Republican Party

    Experience: Queen Of Scotland

    Ideologies: Pro Women’s Rights, anti LGBTQA+ rights, anti gun control, pro military, pro religious freedom, anti affirmative action,

    Can she win the nomination? Lady MacBeth has strong support from the Republican Party, but little support in America. Public opinion on her is full of doubt and suspicion over her involvement in Lord Macbeth’s ascension to the throne.

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