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Cole Sprouse's Halloween Costume Will Make Your Disney Dreams Come True

Another home run from Sprouse Twin #1.

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Halloween is basically tomorrow, so it's only natural that every already has their costumes ready right? Well Cole Sprouse definitely has his ready and waiting for the best day of the year.

That guy who completes his costume one month in advance. Milo Thatch preview. #Atlantis


From the greatly underrated 2001 flick, 'Atlantis'. Cole's going to be everyone's nerdy animated crush, and he's definitely nailing it.

But Cole's always been crushing the Halloween game.

Last year he was Link from "The Legend Of Zelda" and sliced hearts open with love.

Finished up my #Halloween costume. #Link from #TheLegendOfZelda. Thanks to for the tunic&hat

The year before that, he made our anime hearts beat too fast when he dressed up as "Howl" from "Howl's Moving Castle".

Finished my costume! Happy Howl'oween >:) #Miyazaki #Sprouse #Halloween #HowlsMovingCastle

Does anyone know what Dylan's going to be? The other Sprouse twin usually brings his A-game. Two years ago, he was "Naruto" and blessed us all.

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