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26 Really Hot Doctors That’ll Make You Want To Get A Checkup

*fakes cough*

1. *Books flight to Brazil*

My head's aching. Take me to Brazil please. My doctor is there. 😍😂😍 #Hotdoctor

2. *Hyperventilates*

I want to pass out in his arms so he can give me CPR. #hotdoctor

3. *Sneezes*

4. *Requests frequent physicals*

5. *Rubs tummy*

6. *Requests surgery*

7. *Gets dizzy*

8. *Falls into his lap*

9. *Forgets Life Alert at home*

10. *Asks for tonsils to be checked*

11. *Heart flutters*

12. *Remembers bruise from three years ago*

13. *Requests full-body scan*

14. *Needs vaccinations*

15. *Gets lost in hospital forever*

16. *Forgets how to breathe*

17. *Runs into door*

18. *Dog requires immediate attention*

19. *Requires doctor to be present for blood donation*

20. *Has heart palpitations*

21. *Gets cavities*

22. *Dives headfirst into tank of sharks*

23. *Requires pressure application*

24. *Falls off roof*

25. *Gives birth*

26. *Forgets health insurance card*

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