21 Signs You Were A Typically Terrible Older Sibling

“You’re small, it will definitely hold your weight…”

1. Everything was yours, nothing was theirs.

2. You sabotaged their food and gleefully awaited their disgust.

Break / Via youtube.com

3. You “played” them in video games because their fury and frustration fueled you.

4. And then you played their friends in video games for the same reason.

They always looked at you like some sort of god.

5. But allowing them around YOUR friends was out of the question, no matter what they tried to do to impress you.

6. You got a real kick out of embarrassing them, especially around their ~crush~.

7. But really, you’d settle for any potential audience.

8. If they loved something, you messed with it.

9. You made carefully designed wagers with them that they could never win.

10. Consequently, if you ever wanted something they had, it wasn’t theirs for long.

Nickelodeon / Via collegecandy.com

11. You convinced them they were from another planet and that you were just letting them stay with you until the mothership returned.

Orion Pictures / Via armchairaudience.blogspot.com

Or some variation on that general concept.

12. You hid more than a few gross items in or around their bed.

13. And scared them every time you got the chance.

14. Really, any opportunity to inconvenience them was an opportunity you jumped on.

15. You took advantage of the fact that there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for a dollar.

Universal Pictures / Via hiphopisdiffrent.tumblr.com

16. Any new style they were sporting was a prime target for ridicule.

17. That goes for their taste in music as well.

18. You used them as your personal test subject for things your were unsure about.

Paramount Pictures / Via sandandglass.tumblr.com

19. And to give bad haircuts.

20. And to practice wrestling moves on.

21. And to be your makeup canvas.

So go apologize to your younger sibling for being so terrible. Once you gain their trust back, begin again.

Columbia Pictures / killthendestroy.tumblr.com


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