24 Signs You Grew Up A Video Game Junkie

Back, back, forward, square, circle, up, down, bro.

1. Forget about getting grounded. It was getting your games taken away that REALLY hurt.

2. Birthdays were TENSE. If you got anything other than that new game, you’d have to put on your very best fake smile.


3. Every device and gadget you could find was an opportunity for gaming.

Thinkstock / waxman3d

Mom thinks I’m doing math! What a n00b!

4. You can definitely name twice as many original Pokémon than elements on the periodic table.

Nintendo / Via jonhyjabh.tumblr.com

Real talk: When’s the last time an “element” won you a gym badge?

5. There was a time when these were the best graphics you’ve ever seen.

Konami / Via youtube.com


6. If you didn’t bring an extra controller to your friend’s house, you were sitting on the sidelines.

Flickr: kafka4prez / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kafka4prez

And you were DAMN careful not to take home the wrong controller by mistake.

7. Consequently, sleepovers involved very little sleeping.

8. Trips to Blockbuster were sacred.

9. A world without second chances is no world you wanted to live in.

SEGA / Via youtube.com

Um, YEAH I’d like to continue.

10. Halloween was your only opportunity to dress like your true self.

Flickr: rukia13 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: rukia13

11. You studied cheat codes more than your textbooks.

Beckett / Via vgjunk.tumblr.com

12. All experienced cheaters had Gamesharks. Fuck you, Zelda! You don’t own me.

13. You wistfully remember a time when Mortal Kombat was considered “controversial.”

Midway Games / Via 286ega.tumblr.com

The innocent pre-Grand Theft Auto III world.

14. And when there was no greater real-life rivalry than the one between Nintendo 64 and the Playstation One.

Toys R Us / ign.com

Toys R Us / ign.com


15. You basically have a vitamin D deficiency because you never got sun during those long summer days.

Thinkstock / Ten03

The sun is a n00b anyways.

16. You know screen-hopping is for cheaters, plain and simple.

17. Cords had a mind of their own and trying to untangle them was a pointless endeavor.

Flickr: ekonon / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ekonon

And just the sight of this sends chills down your spine.

18. Mario Kart abruptly ended a few friendships. It showed you people’s true colors.

Nintendo / kaiki.co.vu

Nintendo / kaiki.co.vu


“Don’t red shell me, bro.”

19. And you MIGHT have broken a controller or two in frustration.

Hopefully that habit hasn’t persisted.

20. The first time you played Grand Theft Auto, it looked really stupid and was difficult to navigate.

Rockstar Games


21. You knew EXACTLY how long your batteries would fuel your Gameboy, right down to the day.

22. And you vividly remember having to frantically save right before the batteries died.

You’ve had more than a few close calls where this is concerned.

23. Making room on your memory card was the most difficult decision you’ve ever had to make.

This memory card would only be able to hold a couple of gifs.

24. And most importantly, you were blowing game cartridges since before they were making t-shirts about it.


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