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    17 Sibling Horror Stories Guaranteed To Shock You

    "My brother told me Freddy Krueger's face was the cheese on pizza... I didn't eat pizza for a year."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community about the meanest thing they have ever done to their sibling (or that their sibling has ever done to them). Here are the horrifying responses.

    1. The medical advice:

    My older sister and I convinced our youngest sister that you had to eat your scabs or your cuts wouldn’t heal correctly. This went on for a year and a half until she did it in front of our mother.



    2. The meow:

    My brother, who was around four or five at the time, was playing with the neighbor's cat and got scratched. I acted shocked and told him he was going to turn into a cat. We had bunk beds and I was lying on the bottom bunk that night and he started crying. I asked what was wrong and he said, "I just meowed."

    —Luke Page, Facebook

    3. The fart prison:

    My big brother, little sister, and I would play cops and robbers quite often as kids. My sister and I would be the robbers, my brother the cop. His "jail" was the master bathroom, where he would fart and lock us in for 10 to 15 minutes at a time.

    —Ashley Savage, Facebook

    4. The blow dart:

    When I was about eight and my brother was 10, he traded one of his toys to a neighborhood boy for a blow dart gun, which is basically a thin pipe and some dull, 3-inch long metal darts. I was lying in bed minding my own business when he walked by my open door and — BAM — shot a blow dart into my arm. Before I even had a chance to react he ran over, covered my mouth with his hand, and begged me not to tell our parents.

    —Alex Cettie, Facebook

    5. Shart in a bag:

    When I was younger, I had a great idea: Blow up a ziploc bag with a fart. I had my little brother get in on it too. He held the bag up to my ass while trying to maintain the air seal. Unfortunately, I was sick at the time and dropped an explosive shart into the bag while he held it in front of his face. We threw it in the trash. My dad found it and I was sick at the time so I didn’t get in trouble. My brother, however, had to throw my shart bag away as tears were streaming down his face.



    6. Sweet revenge:

    I was bullied by my step brother and older sister. They would always gang up on me when my mum went out. Every night after they went to bed, I would get up, go pee, and dip their toothbrushes in it. If I didn’t need to pee, I would cover their toothbrushes in soap.


    7. Bad associations:

    My brother told me Freddy Krueger's face was the cheese on pizza... I didn't eat pizza for a year.

    —Barbara Heredia, Facebook

    8. The nose full of candy:

    My sister made me shove tons of Sixlets (chocolate candies kinda like M&M's) up my nose when I was three or four. She promised I'd be able to blow them right out and that they definitely wouldn't get stuck. Turns out, they did get stuck and we had to go to the ER where they melted what they could by using hot compresses and got the rest with forceps.

    —Amy Robinson Vogel, Facebook

    9. The girl with no name:

    When my younger sister was born, she wasn't named before leaving the hospital so her birth certificate said "Girl Thompson" for the first six years of her life. My mom didn't know this and when she was starting kindergarten they had to go legally change it. When I found this out, I proceeded to call my sister "no name girl" for about two to three weeks until her birth certificate came.

    —Lola Rose Tyler, Facebook

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    10. The carrot cake:

    When my brother was still very young, I convinced my parents that his favorite cake was carrot cake. They made it for him for every special event until he was in his 20s when he finally asked why they always made carrot cake for him. I don't know why he waited so long to speak up but now we are in our 30s and it's brought up every birthday! My grandma still forgets sometimes and makes him carrot cake.

    —Kristin King, Facebook

    11. The car fart:

    My older brother (16) had to take me (10) with him when he went to pick up his then-brand new girlfriend. When he went to go ring her doorbell, I got out and positioned myself so just my butt was inside the car. I let out a huge fart and immediately shut it. I couldn't smell anything so I knew I had a good seal. When they finally got back, my brother opened the door for his girlfriend and they were both blasted by the worst smell ever produced by my body; she was gagging it was so bad.

    —Andrew Tucker, Facebook


    12. The torture chamber:

    My cousin and I were about 11 and his little sister was about five. My uncle had made a really smelly poo in the bathroom and we decided to trap her in there for about a half hour. We called it "the torture chamber."

    —Lily Wates, Facebook

    13. The rude surprise:

    My little brother used to love eating Corn Nuts. One time he left a half-eaten bag out on the kitchen counter, so I emptied the remaining Corn Nuts into a bowl and replaced them with cat food. I assumed he'd just empty a few into his hand and then realize the dirty prank. Instead, he grabbed the package, quickly dumped the whole bag into his mouth, chewed, AND THEN SWALLOWED. I laughed. He cried.

    —Lauren Rose Lee, Facebook

    14. The toothpaste swap:

    Once when I was about 14 and my brother was 12, I waited until the toothpaste was almost out (the rolly tube kind) and replaced it with a tube of Vagisil. I rolled it up so you couldn't see the logo and it looked just like the toothpaste. Let's just say, he's still pissed at me almost 15 years later.

    —Alyson Leigh, Facebook


    15. The mullet fire:

    My younger brother used to use a ton of hair product and he had a mullet. My friends and I got drunk and lit his mullet on fire while he had his back to us watching TV. Luckily, I had the coordination to pat it out before he was burnt but not soon enough to save the mullet.


    16. And the baby teeth:

    When I was 12-ish and my sister was around eight or nine, we went to go brush our teeth. My sister sat down and started to pee while she brushed, which I, for some reason, thought was unacceptable. After telling her to stop brushing her teeth while sitting on the toilet, I decided to rip the toothbrush out of her mouth... along with a few baby teeth. Whoops?

    —Devan Rae, Facebook

    17. A whale of a lie:

    I was in fifth grade around the time Free Willy came out and my six-year-old brother loved the crap out of it. Naturally, I told him the whale that played Willy had died in captivity. He was crushed, so much so that my dad and I had to go out and have a talk about how some people are more sensitive than others. My mom also had to adopt a whale through the World Wildlife Fund.

    — Ashley Hayne, Facebook

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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