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21 Sibling Horror Stories That'll Make You Cringe

"My brother told me that every time it rained, God was crying because I was so ugly."

We asked the BuzzFeed Community about the meanest thing they ever did to their sibling (or that their sibling has ever done to them). Here are the brutal responses.

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1. The Unforgettable Wedgie

One time, my little sister made me so mad that I gave her a wedgie until her underwear ripped and got stuck in her butt. Our grandmother had to help her get the ripped underwear out of her ass.


2. The Pee Mist

Once, when my brother was super sick with a chest cold, he had a vaporizer running in his room. My parents went out for the evening, so naturally I peed in the vaporizer while he was asleep. When they came home and opened his door they were greeted by a fog cloud made of my urine. Don't worry, he was fine.


3. The Fart You Could Taste

When we were young my little brother would fall asleep with his mouth open. My oldest brother would wait until he fell asleep and fart on his face. It was so nasty that he could literally taste the fart in his mouth and would wake up.

—Natalie Valdivia, Facebook


4. The Litter Box

When I was 9, I was using the bathroom while my friend waited for me. My 4-year-old sister came up and said that she really needed to use it. My friend decided it would be hilarious to convince her to use the litter box instead. We thought that since she was small, her poop would be small and just look like normal cat poop. Sadly, we were very mistaken. Half the house reeked by the time my mom walked in and found the massive pile of poop just sitting there haphazardly covered with litter.

—Nicole Adamson, Facebook

5. The Head Full of Loogies

My brother liked to sneak up behind me and quietly spit loogies in my hair. Since I have wild, curly hair, I would sometimes walk around not knowing they were there until I ran my fingers through my hair. Sometimes, I had loogies in my hair for hours before noticing.


6. The Bunk Bed Challenge

As a child, I convinced my younger sister she could successfully roll off the top bunk of our bunk bed and land on the slightly larger bottom bunk. You couldn't. She ended up throwing herself face first onto the floor.



7. The Cockroaches

My younger brother has always been terrified of bugs. Unfortunately for him, I have always been fascinated with them. I even had my own bug collection. I decided it would be a brilliant idea to put a lot of cockroaches underneath his blankets before he went to bed one night. I'm pretty sure his scream woke up the whole neighborhood. He still refuses to let me anywhere near his room.


8. The Dirty Laundry

You'd think I'd have done this as a child, but no; I was a full-on teenager. My sister embarrassed me in front of my friends one night so the next morning, before she had to leave for college, I sat down and pissed on her entire basket of laundry. She thought the dog did it and had to scramble to find clean clothes. Sisters are more ruthless than you'd expect. #noregrets


9. The Tears of God

My brother told me that every time it rained, God was crying because I was so ugly.


10. The Missing Cough Syrup

When I was 6, I had a real nasty cold and knew my mom would force me to drink cough syrup before bed. So before she came upstairs, I dumped an entire bottle of it into my toy box. When she asked where it went, I claimed my 4-year-old brother drank it all. When he denied it, they didn't believe him. He then spent the entire night at the hospital drinking liquid charcoal and having his stomach pumped.


11. The War

My sister and I had a war going on: we'd hide, wait, and jump out to scare the crap out of each other. It hit its peak while I was away at school. I skipped my Friday classes, drove home, parked blocks away, and waited in silence for a half hour. She didn't even know I was in the state, let alone in her closet. I think it's safe to say I won.


12. Shit Stains and Rainbows

I put a pair of dirty underwear in my sister's binder when she was in sixth grade. The next day, she opened up her binder during school to find a pair of pink underwear with shit stains and rainbows on them!


13. The Lego Bucket

Legos came in big buckets when I was a kid. I really had to pee and my older brother refused to get out of the bathroom (he was styling his hair), so I peed in the bucket. I blamed it on the cat and he had to clean all the Legos. Yep.


14. The Goldfish

I was at my school carnival and they had this game called "goldfish pong," which is like beer pong but with cups of water and goldfish. If you won, you got to keep a goldfish. I won and they gave me the goldfish in a Chick-fil-A water cup. My sister was working at the art tent and I decided to give her that enclosed cup. She drank it all.


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15. The Shamrock Sliming

My sister was around 1 or 2 and that would've made me around 7 or 8. I was really into the whole Slime Time Live phase of Nickelodeon programming. It also happened to be St. Patrick's Day, so we had Shamrock Shakes as a treat for dinner. Maybe you can see where this is heading… Our play room became Nick Studios and my sister was on the receiving end of a Shamrock Shake Sliming. Did I mention we had a babysitter? That poor girl.


16. The Lost Dog

About five years ago, I got so upset with my sister that I put our dog, Martin, in the bathroom and told her that he had run away. She bawled for an hour straight while I was in the bathroom playing with Martin.


17. The Wheelbarrow

The neighbor boys and I covered an upside-down wheelbarrow with a pile of leaves and talked my little brother into jumping into it. I've apologized to him many times over the years and he's totally forgotten about it. But I still writhe with guilt over the look of surprised and disappointed betrayal on his face.

—Gaabriel Becket, Facebook

18. The Lost Sister

So when my sister was born, I loved her. Then she turned 3 and suddenly, for some unknown reason, I hated her. So I purposely lost her three times. Once at this giant park, once at Walmart, and once at the mall. The time at the mall, she was holding a cup of water when we found her. We asked where she got it and she said she found it somewhere.


19. The Memory Game

We were down in my grandparents' basement. I was 7. She was 5. We were listening to records. I put on the Winnie the Pooh record and made her memorize the words. Each time she messed up, I pulled out one hair and made her start over. She now hates Winnie the Pooh.


20. The Secret

My sister had a deep secret that she didn't want my parents to know. I was bored, so I threatened to tell her secret unless she licked the dust off all the blinds in my room. As she was crying and gagging from the dust in her mouth I was laughing hysterically. I feel bad about it now.


21. The Underwear Garland

I once stitched all of my sister's bras and underwear together like a garland so when she pulled out one, they all came out. That was nearly 15 years ago. She still hasn't forgiven me.



Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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