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28 Savage Grandparents Who Are Fed Up With Facebook

"If u dont stop sending me Farmville requests Im calling the police"

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1. When grandma was surprised to see this attack on her granddaughter.

2. When Jo Ann was disgusted with Green Giant.

3. When this vile meme popped up on the wrong TIMELINE.

4. When the real Minion company received an anonymous tip.

5. When this idiot and his doctor couldn't see that God got eye size right the first time.

6. When Leona warned her friends about fake news.

7. When this wasn't Ronnie's son, Bill.

8. When Sydney just didn't get it.

9. When Gramma was caught off guard.

10. When Judith wasn't interested in Walmart's lies.

11. When Arleen gave Roses Discount Stores a piece of her mind.

12. When Susan needed help, but Dollar Tree was too little, too late.

13. When Nana wasn't a fan of her granddaughter's duck face.

14. When Donna had two little words for Walmart.

15. When Instant Pot Community was blowing up grandma's feed.

16. When Mary was honest with Josephine.

17. When Kenny was less than thrilled with Buttfeed's fashion advice.

18. When Connie wanted out.

19. When Everett found out that Walmart was emailing his wife.

20. When grandma shut down the slander.

21. When all Joseph wanted was a little bit of privacy.

22. When Lorraine's Family Group didn't go as planned.

23. When Isabel finally had had enough.

24. When Chris was tired of being uncomfortable in his own home.

25. When the Hampshire Constabulary missed an opportunity.

26. When Vincent drew a line in the sand with Quilted Northern.

27. When Grandma Judy was sick of looking at Ashley's friend.

28. And when enough was enough.

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