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21 Reasons You Might As Well Embrace Back To School Season

It's time to welcome the death of summer.

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3. You probably didn't "like, live at the beach" like you thought you would.


7. But the start of school marks an end to all of these disappointments and let-downs.


9. It also means Halloween is on the horizon: a taboo-free opportunity to dress like a wizard...

12. Whether or not you did your summer reading, it will be a huge relief to put that burden behind you.

No matter how it turns out.


14. It's actually not so bad being locked in a building full of your friends five days a week.

16. And that includes your neato spread of school supply swag.

Call me Office Max.


17. And life is simpler when your meals are scheduled.

Rolling out of bed at noon and smashing a pizza pocket in your face is no longer cutting it.

18. You'll get to reconvene with your fellow extracurricular club buddies.

And boss that mock trial.

19. And your teammates from whichever sport you're playing.

This is your year, guys.

20. Back to school season is also homecoming season, the chillest of all school dances.

It's like diet prom. Infinitely better than that lame winter social that nobody actually goes to.

21. Lastly, embrace back to school season because you only get so many.

Enjoy the experience, make the best of it, and don't spend the whole time looking forward to leaving because you never get to go back.