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    21 Reasons You Might As Well Embrace Back To School Season

    It's time to welcome the death of summer.

    1. Summer is never as amazing as you think it's going to be.


    You WISH this was you IRL.

    2. You didn't take that epic road trip.

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    3. You probably didn't "like, live at the beach" like you thought you would.

    4. You definitely didn't throw a house party of historic proportions.

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    5. Or hook up with your crush under the summer moon like you had hoped you would.

    6. And let's face it: the summer heat is utterly miserable. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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    Fall is far superior.

    7. But the start of school marks an end to all of these disappointments and let-downs.

    8. A new school year means you're exactly one grade higher, and therefore cooler in social terms.

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    Who even cares about birthdays? Freshmen, that's who.

    9. It also means Halloween is on the horizon: a taboo-free opportunity to dress like a wizard...

    10. ...and Thanksgiving, the greatest of all food holidays.

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    Between school and family, you'll eat 10 variations of the same meal, and it's all delicious.

    11. Not to mention the delightful concentration of random holidays--and therefore three-day-weekends--in September and October.

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    They ease you into the chaos.

    12. Whether or not you did your summer reading, it will be a huge relief to put that burden behind you.

    13. A new school year is a fresh slate.

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    It's never too late to turn over a new leaf!

    14. It's actually not so bad being locked in a building full of your friends five days a week.

    15. If you were lucky enough to go back to school shopping, you get to show off all your new gear.

    16. And that includes your neato spread of school supply swag.

    17. And life is simpler when your meals are scheduled.

    18. You'll get to reconvene with your fellow extracurricular club buddies.

    19. And your teammates from whichever sport you're playing.

    20. Back to school season is also homecoming season, the chillest of all school dances.

    21. Lastly, embrace back to school season because you only get so many.

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