21 Reasons Plants Are More Pleasant Than People

Because sometimes people just don’t photosynthesize with each other.

1. A plant will NEVER challenge your beliefs.

It’s not that they know those interactions are unpleasant. It’s that they’re just plants.

2. Most plants are not angry drunks.

Sesame Workshop / Via sesamestreet.tumblr.com


3. Plants don’t have ears and are therefore unable to insult your taste in music.

Apatow Productions / Via ihatespidermantoo.tumblr.com

People definitely will.

4. Plants aren’t film snobs. They won’t personally attack you for liking a movie they hate.

Because they aren’t physically capable of watching movies.

5. Or your favorite book—in fact, plants are proud illiterates.

AMC / Via neogaf.com

You won’t get any bad recommendations from your bamboo palm.

6. It’s all but guaranteed that you’ll never walk in on a begonia flirting with your ex.

DC Comics / Via minajetmoi.tumblr.com

7. A game of Monopoly will never spin wildly out of control with a plant.

Warner Bros. / Via news.nextglass.co

You probably wouldn’t even be able to get a game started with one.

8. When’s the last time you worried about your plant eating YOUR leftovers?

9. A plant will never pester you about going out more because a plant can’t even move.

Frederator Studios / Via cartoon-lovers.tumblr.com

10. A plant wouldn’t even know how to begin to talk about you behind your back.

Spyglass Entertainment

They can’t talk at all.

11. A poinsettia will never offend your cooking because a poinsettia is incapable of consuming human food.

Warner Bros. / Via mrwgifs.com

12. A plant is not going to let you down in a time of dire need.

Gwen Wetzler / Via he-manreviewed.com

13. You really don’t have to worry about your plant standing you up for a date.

Gaumont Film Company / Via gifwave.com

In fact, it would be truly frightening if your plant were to make its way to the movie you’re attending.

14. A plant will not borrow your things and not return them.

Big Idea Entertainment / Via degrassi.wikia.com

15. If some jerk cuts you off on your way to work, you can bet that it wasn’t a plant.

Plants are not angry drivers.

16. If you step on dog poop in the middle of the sidewalk, odds are it wasn’t a plant that left it there.

Not only are plants immobile, but they can’t own dogs either.

17. A plant will never pester you about texting them back.

Andrew Ziegler / BuzzFeed

You’re not likely to find one that even owns a cell phone.

18. A plant won’t set impossible standards and hold unrealistic expectations of you.

Sesame Workshop / Via imgur.com

It just wants water.

19. A plant won’t catcall you from a moving vehicle.

Nintendo / Via strawburry17.com

Only human men do that. #NotAllPlants

20. A plant will never forget to water all of your plants when you go out of town.

That is far too much responsibility to give to a plant.

21. And of course, GROOT.

If you are Groot, we can be friends,

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