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Updated on Jul 6, 2020. Posted on Jul 1, 2020

Are You Abusing Your Mayo Privileges? Answer 20 Simple Questions To Find Out

I really hope you're not abusing your mayonnaise privileges.

  1. Would you put mayo on a sandwich?

  2. Would you add mayo to tuna salad?

  3. Would you dip french fries in mayo?

  4. What about sweet potato fries?

  5. Would you dip sushi in (spicy) mayo?

  6. What about chicken tenders?

  7. Would you dip your onion rings in mayo?

  8. Would you spread it on a burger?

  9. Would you add it to a grilled cheese?

  10. Would you dip chips in mayo?

  11. Would you dip mozzarella sticks in mayo?

  12. Would you spread mayo on a bagel?

  13. Would you slather mayo on a slice of pizza?

  14. Would you dip a pickle in mayo?

  15. Would you use plain old mayo as salad dressing?

  16. Would you add mayo to your coffee?

  17. Would you add a dollop of mayo to the top of a fruit salad?

  18. Would you use mayo to sandwich two cookies together?

  19. Would you devour the following ice cream order: one scoop of vanilla, one scoop of chocolate, and one scoop of warm mayo?

  20. Would you take a dip in a nice hot bath, but instead of water, it's mayo?