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    Just 17 Reasons I Have Trust Issues

    Trust no one, not even yourself.

    1. I could eat exactly nine choco— oh.

    2. Wow is that 20— oh.

    3. That looks like a filling wra— oh.

    4. Same with this sandw— oh.

    5. Sure could go for a cheeseburger right about no— oh.

    6. A blueberry muffin sure would hit the spo— oh.

    7. Oh nice some climbing ro— oh.

    8. This rental house's pool looks amaz— oh.

    9. These staples should last me forev— oh.

    10. Only $4? That's so chea— oh.

    11. A panda lollipop? How cu— oh.

    12. This steak wrap sure looks fill— oh.

    13. Free beer?! Sign me up for tha— oh.

    14. Wow $99 per night is a great dea— oh.

    15. Oh damn, I better make sure to attend this eve— oh.

    16. Chocolate chip cookies?! My favor— oh.

    17. Good thing this is an outlet and not a sticker because my phone could really use a char— oh.