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    Just 17 Reasons I Have Trust Issues

    Trust no one, not even yourself.

    1. I could eat exactly nine choco— oh.

    u/Statakaka / Via

    2. Wow is that 20— oh.

    u/SoySauce_McGiggles / Via

    3. That looks like a filling wra— oh.

    u/icphoton / Via

    4. Same with this sandw— oh.


    5. Sure could go for a cheeseburger right about no— oh.

    u/fatbobcat8 / Via

    6. A blueberry muffin sure would hit the spo— oh.

    u/ZombiedudeO_o / Via

    7. Oh nice some climbing ro— oh.

    u/Lior_Ronen / Via

    8. This rental house's pool looks amaz— oh.

    u/BillGibbson / Via

    9. These staples should last me forev— oh.

    u/nzscion / Via

    10. Only $4? That's so chea— oh.

    u/jazzcat16 / Via

    11. A panda lollipop? How cu— oh.

    u/NapkinTheBatDad / Via

    12. This steak wrap sure looks fill— oh.

    u/bizzy401 / Via

    13. Free beer?! Sign me up for tha— oh.

    u/scorchednickel / Via

    14. Wow $99 per night is a great dea— oh.

    u/Cetun / Via

    15. Oh damn, I better make sure to attend this eve— oh.

    u/SirDefault / Via

    16. Chocolate chip cookies?! My favor— oh.

    u/gamex173 / Via

    17. Good thing this is an outlet and not a sticker because my phone could really use a char— oh.

    u/thepunderful / Via

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