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    23 Photos That Will Make You Incredibly Nervous

    Stay safe out there, folks. H/T: /r/OSHA

    1. This awesome idea.

    2. This dedicated employee.

    3. This daredevil.

    4. This poorly marked hole.

    5. This safety expert who clearly knows what he's doing.

    6. This perfectly stable truck barreling down the road.

    7. This strategically placed dunk tank.

    8. This — HOPEFULLY — careful driver.

    9. This person working on a suspiciously spacious ceiling.

    10. These appallingly misused forklifts.

    11. This forklift pushing limits.

    12. And this forklift, which is not a car jack.

    13. Forklift operators of the world, get it together.

    14. This disaster waiting to happen.

    15. This stable scaffolding.

    16. These men in need of bigger ladders and sound decision-making abilities.

    17. This trusting handyman.

    18. This non-ladder.

    19. This person who's going way too far for the sake of clean windows.

    20. And this superhero.

    21. And this brilliant window-cleaning life hack.

    22. This guy who probably shouldn't be working alone.

    23. And finally, this literal nightmare.

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