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31 People Who Took The Selfie Stick To A Whole New Level

The bar has been set.

1. This guy who brought his selfie stick to the barbershop.

2. This guy who is clearly sweeping this woman off her feet.

3. This guy whose selfie stick just told a hilarious joke.

4. This woman who thought nobody was watching.

5. These women who missed their mark and went with it.

6. This woman who just wanted to let us know.

7. This guy who just won the one and only selfie stick Ice Bucket Challenge.

8. These guys who aren't entirely sure where to look.

9. This woman who wanted the whole skyline in her selfie.

10. This guy who is definitely not annoying any other commuters.

11. This guy who's behind bars for taking too many selfies.

12. This guy who woke up with a selfie stick in his hand.

13. And this guy who fell asleep with a selfie stick in his hand.

14. These guys who captured their mutual enjoyment of something we can't see.

15. This guy who is being wildly reckless at this crowded place.

16. These guys who discovered a novel new usage for their selfie stick.

17. This person who's doing it wrong.

18. And this woman who is also doing it wrong.

19. These guys who are taking crotch selfies.

20. This guy who used his selfie stick inside his refrigerator.

21. These people who showed their cat what all the fuss was about.

22. This woman who should definitely be wearing a helmet.

23. This man who is just popping out to snap a quick selfie.

24. And this man showing us the view his neighbors must have.

25. This guy who managed to take his selfie stick on a roller coaster.

26. This— OOPS

27. This gentleman who should really be watching the road.

28. This person who took a photo of the selfie stick they used to take a selfie with during a lecture.

29. This gentleman who hopefully isn't borrowing somebody else's selfie stick.

30. This guy who used his selfie stick to document his bubble bath.

31. And this guy who might not have a selfie stick, but who's still taking it to a whole new level.