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12 Photos That'll Destroy Your Faith In Humanity, Then 12 That'll Restore It

Spoiler: The good outweighs the bad.

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1. This awful person who goes to great lengths to disparage the homeless.

fatherdave1517 / Reddit / Via

2. And the kind souls who go to even greater lengths to help them.

GallowBoob / Reddit / Via

3. The inconsiderate assholes who left a huge mess on this train.

HMSBannard / Reddit / Via

4. And the extremely considerate country who decided to help a neighbor in need.

@Patricia_DSC / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Patricia_DSC

5. This class act taking up two handicap spots to eat some french fries.

FunkyButter / Reddit / Via

6. And this man taking the time to get young kids interested in science.

sbook28 / Reddit / Via

7. This wealthy In-N-Out patron who wouldn't shell out for the cost of a single drink.

Sedirex_KR / Reddit / Via

8. And this kind Starbucks patron who paid for somebody else's.

Master1439 / Reddit / Via

9. The literal monster who threw paint at this dog.

punkrockextravaganza / Reddit / Via

10. And this literal angel who was spotted helping an injured sparrow.

Au_Struck_Geologist / Reddit / Via

11. This extremely selfish subway commuter taking up AT LEAST three seats.

JJTG64 / Reddit / Via

12. And this extremely kind commuter teaching a young man how to tie a tie.

1Voice1Life / Reddit / Via

13. People who leave campsites in utter disarray and pollute our forests.

exmo94 / Reddit / Via

14. And this man who helped this woman through a very bad hailstorm.

FateBender / Reddit / Via

15. The lazy jackass who couldn't be bothered to put his milk back where it belongs.

slickWilbur / Reddit / Via

16. And the charitable restaurant that want to feed the less fortunate.

Isai76 / Reddit / Via

17. The person who ruined this perfectly good Nutella & Go with their disgusting finger.

ILuvRedHeadz / Reddit / Via

18. And the generous vending machine customer who left their change for the next person.

B7U12EYE / Reddit / Via

19. The selfish bicyclists who don't leave spots for anyone else.

Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurkey / Reddit / Via

20. And the selfless people who give coats to those who need them.

Nergaal / Reddit / Via

21. This driver, who would rather block an intersection than wait at a red light.

allvoid / Reddit / Via

22. And this driver, who went well out of his way to help another driver replace a flat.

fbomb10 / Reddit / Via

23. The theater-goer who brings their fucking laptop (!!) into the movie theater.

FocusFailure / Reddit / Via

24. And then the barber who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

BiggerDamnederHeroer / Reddit / Via

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