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    Posted on Feb 4, 2015

    17 Unmistakable Signs You Suffer From Resting "Oops I Farted" Face

    Being the butt of every joke really stinks!

    1. So everyone thinks you farted.


    2. This is probably due to the fact that your resting face resembles something between spacing out and intense focus...

    Warner Bros.

    3. ...with just a dash of the telltale, "I know something that you don't" face.


    4. People always ask you: "do you need to know where the bathroom is?"

    CBS / ABC

    5. Or: "are you feeling alright?"


    6. And of course: "Something you ate not sitting well?"


    7. Whoever smelt it... breaks every known rule and blames you just because of your resting "oops I farted" face.


    8. You start to wonder if your friends keep you around just so they have someone to blame for their own farts.


    9. You try to speak up and say it wasn't you, but everyone's mind already appears to be made up.


    10. Sometimes you try to laugh off the misunderstanding in an attempt to ~clear the air~.

    Paramount Pictures

    11. But the majority of the time, you grimace, which causes people to think you farted again.


    12. By then, you're trying to figure out for yourself who the culprit is.

    Spyglass Entertainment

    13. But you know there's no point. This is your burden.

    Roc-A-Fella / Def Jam

    14. All of a sudden, you're known as Sir Toots-A-Lot or the pickup fartist.

    Conundrum Entertainment
    Conundrum Entertainment

    15. Everyone thinks this reputation of yours is hilarious — except for you, that is.


    16. Because you know that when you do let one slip...


    17. proudly take full responsibility.


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