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    18 People Who Have It Harder Than Donald Trump

    All we wanted was a small loan of a million dollars.

    On the Today Show earlier this week, Donald Trump stated that it hasn't been easy for him because his father only gave him "a small loan of a million dollars" to get him started.

    Inspired by Donald's bravery and perseverance, we decided to ask our parents for a modest loan of a million dollars. Here's what they said:

    1. This dad had his priorities in order.

    2. This dad responded in the only rational way: with sarcasm.

    3. Same with this dad.

    4. This mom doesn't miss a beat.

    5. And this mom can't be fooled.

    6. This dad, too, knew exactly what was going on.

    7. And this supportive mother wanted to know what it's for, naturally.

    8. This mom is ready to do whatever it takes to get that million.

    9. This mom wasn't amused.

    10. These parents would if they could.

    11. Same with this dad.

    12. This mom is a straight shooter.

    13. This dad thought his daughter's phone had been hacked — perhaps the most reasonable reaction there is.

    14. This mom was so very supportive.

    15. This mom's got jokes.

    16. And she must hang out with this mom.

    ...who followed up with this.

    17. This mom will make your heart melt.

    18. And this mom wants her daughter to cut the shit.