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Boo From "Monsters Inc." Is Named After A Real Person And I Found Her

Her name is what and she's named after who?

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Who could forget the timeless Disney/Pixar classic, Monster's Inc.?


I'll tell you who couldn't: me. And even though it came out 17 years ago in the ancient times of 2001, it still holds up!


Well I recently came across some information that shook me to my very core — information I wasn't prepared for. Information that made me spew milk all over the computer my job lets me use.


Seriously, you might want to sit down for this.

Remember Boo? She's the two-year-old who basically sets the whole story in motion by escaping from her bedroom into the city of Monstropolis — or more specifically, the Monsters Inc. factory.


Well only real Monsters Inc. fans will remember that Boo isn't her real name. Boo is the name Sully gives her.


Her real name is...




But that's not all, folks!

In a Disney/Pixar-official book released in 2015, we find out her last name as well...

Carlton Publishing Group

...and it's Gibbs! Mary Gibbs!

Carlton Publishing Group



You think I'm done, don't you? Well I've got some news that might surprise you: I'm not.

Mary Gibbs isn't some randomly selected name. It's also... THE NAME OF HER VOICE ACTOR.

IMDB / Via

Here she is at the premiere!

Jason Kirk / Getty Images


HERE SHE IS NOW. Her Instagram account, yoga_boo, is pretty active and, believe it or not, she loves fitness and yoga.

Instagram: @yoga_boo

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day.

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