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26 People Who Actually Fell For Fake News In 2018

Or, 26 people who've never heard of The Onion.

1. This film critic:

u/zkp10 / Via

Check out the original article here: Simba Is A Vegan In New Lion King Film

2. This sad activist:

3. This detective:

u/jp_952000 / Via

Check out the original article here: Portrait Next To Coffin Most Likely The Deceased

4. These opticians:

5. These phone virtuosos:

6. This avid reader:

u/dynamiteTrickster / Via

7. This medical expert:

u/nygiants_10 / Via

8. This concerned citizen:

10. This dating guru:

u/A_Play_On_Nerds / Via

11. This fact-checker:

13. This non-James Bond fan:

Jesse Grant / Getty / Via

Check out the original article here: Scarlett Johansson Cast as First Black James Bond

14. This social critic:

u/okthatskooliguess / Via

15. These shocked consumers:

u/Grandpire / Via

16. This Bernie bro:

u/Shleecp / Via

17. This genius:

u/dalduzza / Via

Check out the original article here: Melting Ice Caps Expose Hundreds Of Secret Arctic Lairs

19. This political thinker:

u/Pit_27 / Via

21. This kind soul:

22. This concerned parent:

u/glitteranddinos / Via

23. This bright idea haver:

u/dalduzza / Via

24. This member of the resistance:

u/BrightEyeCameDown / Via

25. This confused animal lover:

26. And lastly, this fake news expert:

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