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    Updated on Oct 11, 2019. Posted on Sep 27, 2019

    21 Reasons Cats Are The Most Superior Beings On The Planet

    They're too perfect for this world.

    1. For starters, their bodies are very...well...

    @cakes1todough1 / Via Instagram: @cakes1todough1

    2. ...I guess "doughy" would be the right word.

    u/GloomyEscape2 / Via

    3. They have rotating satellite dishes for ears.

    u/RegEvrydayNormlFungi / Via

    4. And they have beans for toes...

    u/beroemd / Via

    5. ...but be careful because those beans are deadly.

    u/Arsis82 / Via

    6. They cross...

    Samantha Raczynski

    7. ...AND fold their little arms.

    u/marriedtotheeggs / Via

    8. They're totally unpredictable, which is really endearing (don't ask me why).

    u/bowlerhatbear / Via

    9. And they all lead mysterious double-lives.

    u/Habitual_Emigrant / Via

    10. They speak as if they're expecting to be understood.

    u/A-Creative_Username / Via

    11. And they are, at times, terrifyingly humanlike.

    u/lubbby / Via

    12. Even when they're destructive, they're adorable!

    u/Lbomberry630 / Via

    13. But not as adorable as when they're sleeping.

    u/Lvl100Magikarp / Via

    14. They stand.

    u/Just_Red_00 / Via

    15. They startle.

    u/NTX_cat_rescue / Via

    16. They sploot.

    u/chezpink / Via

    17. They blep.

    /u/icant-chooseone / Via

    18. And they loaf.

    u/DeepBlu3Nothing / Via

    19. And their teeth? Don't even get me started on their teeth.

    u/Dearestbrittany / Via

    20. For whatever reason, they all love sinks. Every single one of them!

    u/Pariah_XO / Via

    21. And no matter what you're doing, they always want to be involved.

    u/SiEdMeow / Via

    And so I leave you with this:

    u/veniagoly / Via

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