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24 People Who Broke Autocorrect In 2018

"My grams abdomen."

1. This person meant to say, "ottoman."

u/BrycenWilliams / Via

2. And this person suffers from "lactose intolerance."

@VivaKhalifa / Via Twitter: @VivaKhalifa

3. This person meant, "looks can be deceiving."

u/cyberdizzy / Via

4. This person wanted to say, "no offense."

u/grumpycatmum / Via

5. This person wondered if they have "tinnitus."

u/W1TH1N / Via

6. This person intended to write, "hand soap" — hopefully.

u/sixthplace / Via

7. And this person is talking about steak — also hopefully.

u/CEM2890 / Via

8. This person meant, "marijuana."

u/locofortaco / Via

9. This person intended to say, "take nothing for GRANTED."

u/SploxFox / Via

10. This baby is not "a door bell," she's "adorable."

u/KUcreampieKING / Via

11. This person needs to run "errands."

u/AfternoonHellcat / Via

12. And this bin is for "magnifying glasses."

u/hxtelcalifornia / Via

13. This person has "arachnophobia."

u/-Fraser- / Via

14. These donuts are "gourmet."

u/ItchyResponse / Via

15. This person meant to say, "comatose."

u/natureterp / Via

16. This person hates "deja vu."

u/Oktayey / Via

17. And this person wants to go "trick or treating."

u/Rs3ironmemes / Via

18. This person meant, "might as well."

u/brenndog / Via

19. And this person meant to say, "walking on thin ice."

u/brenndog / Via

20. This person was trying to tell Jake, "way to go."

u/africanboy6000 / Via

21. This person is selling a "coffin."

u/SpeedyGonzalez94 / Via

22. This person is talking about "rabies."

u/papaprof / Via

23. This person is trying to say, "impeached."

u/sawchukles / Via

24. And last but certainly not least, this smooth-talker wanted to say, "familiar."

u/TheBanisherOfRegs / Via

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