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24 People Who Broke Autocorrect In 2018

"My grams abdomen."

1. This person meant to say, "ottoman."

2. And this person suffers from "lactose intolerance."

3. This person meant, "looks can be deceiving."

4. This person wanted to say, "no offense."

5. This person wondered if they have "tinnitus."

6. This person intended to write, "hand soap" — hopefully.

7. And this person is talking about steak — also hopefully.

8. This person meant, "marijuana."

9. This person intended to say, "take nothing for GRANTED."

10. This baby is not "a door bell," she's "adorable."

11. This person needs to run "errands."

12. And this bin is for "magnifying glasses."

13. This person has "arachnophobia."

14. These donuts are "gourmet."

15. This person meant to say, "comatose."

16. This person hates "deja vu."

17. And this person wants to go "trick or treating."

18. This person meant, "might as well."

19. And this person meant to say, "walking on thin ice."

20. This person was trying to tell Jake, "way to go."

21. This person is selling a "coffin."

22. This person is talking about "rabies."

23. This person is trying to say, "impeached."

24. And last but certainly not least, this smooth-talker wanted to say, "familiar."