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    10 Bathroom Designs That Are Actually Pretty Brilliant, And 10 That Really Aren't

    Buckle up, folks.

    1. This bathroom solved that pesky gap-between-the-stall-doors problem.

    u/Won_and_dun / Via

    2. And this bathroom didn't.

    u/fanseman / Via

    3. This Japanese toilet conserves water by refilling the tank with the water you use to wash your hands.

    u/Flupsy / Via

    4. And this toilet looks like it's covered with water all the time for absolutely no reason.

    u/Jonwyattearp / Via

    5. This bathroom lets you choose from three (!!) different toilet paper options.

    u/drmcnaughty / Via

    6. And this bathroom has only one option.

    u/deoje299 / Via

    7. This toilet was designed to fit perfectly in the corner, thus maximizing the bathroom's floor space.

    u/jackpackage913 / Via

    8. And not much thought went into this bathroom design at all.

    u/ssj_dick / Via

    9. This ledge is cut perfectly so it won't interfere with the toilet seat.

    u/heyimnotalex / Via

    10. Meanwhile, this toilet seat is in a perpetual state of interference.

    u/alex91s / Via

    11. This bathroom door shuts two ways so one person doesn't monopolize the whole bathroom.

    u/Jave85 / Via

    12. And this bathroom door probably shouldn't be a bathroom door at all.

    u/DenzzS-_- / Via

    13. This majestic bathtub fills from a faucet on the ceiling.

    u/timmler24 / Via

    14. Meanwhile, this shower has an outlet in it.

    u/ametovic / Via

    15. This restaurant bathroom offers both unscented and scented hand soaps for before and after your meal.

    u/shitiseeincollege / Via

    16. And this bathroom keeps putting up new soap dispensers without taking down the old ones.

    u/Panguin / Via

    17. This bathroom has a switch you can flip to let the staff know it could use a cleaning.

    u/PMW11 / Via

    18. Meanwhile, this bathroom is carpeted and will probably never be satisfactorily cleaned.

    u/spicycheese666 / Via

    19. This theater bathroom has screens in the stalls so you don't miss even a second of the movie you paid to see.

    u/samuraikai11 / Via

    20. And lastly this, uh, toilet is scarier than any horror film.

    u/PowerOfYes / Via