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Andrew W.K. Teaches Kids The DIY Projects They Actually Wanna Make

I teamed up with Maker studios to create a new show getting crafty with kids. Here are some of the results!

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Hello! I'm Andrew W.K...

I'm here to show you how anyone can be a Recker! What's a Recker? Well, I grew up making some awesome DIY projects and wanted to share them with today's kids. You know, timeless projects with things that you can find at home. Plus I got lucky that a lot of my friends felt the same way so Jack Black, Stampylonghead, Mary Doodles, Zach Woods, Bobby Lee, skateboard legend Eric Koston, Matt Sweeney and NASA scientist Michael Meacham all pitched in with me to create Maker Studios' Meet Me At The Reck!

All it takes is a little imagination, a little rummaging, and a lot of party attitude to join us! Below, I've put together some of my favorite projects with the excellent help of my Super Recker... Fiona!

1. The Raddest Minecraft Snow Golem Halloween Costume ever!

View this video on YouTube

Inspired by Jack Black and Stampy Longhead’s Minecraft adventure with just the tools below you can have the coolest costume on the block!

What you need:

• 3 Boxes (1 big, 1 medium, 1 small)

• White Paint

• A brush

• Glue

• Scissors

• Packing Tape

• 2 small tree branches

• 4 rubber bands

• And download and print a Minecraft face

Watch the video here!

2. Make A Cool Projector With Your Phone!

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I remember sitting around with a projector looking at cool photos and movies on the wall, which now you can do modernized, with your smart phone!

What you need:

• A Shoe Box

• A Magnifying Glass

• Duck tape

• 1 Paper Clip

• 1 Marker

• 1 Smart Phone

• 1 Knife *Get your parents to help here

Imagine your face on a big screen!

3. Light Up Shoes LED Style

Everyone loves light up shoes! I had a killer pair of white, black and orange ones that I rocked everywhere. Did you know you could make them at home? And with just an old pair of shoes? Alright Reckers, let's light up our feet!

What you need:

• Sweet pair of shoes

• A few feet of LED Light Strips with adhesive backing

• 2 9 volt batteries

• 2 battery connectors

• 2 connector cables with an on/off switch

• 2 scraps of fabric

• A needle and thread

Happy Recking!

4. Let’s Rocket!

View this video on YouTube

Admit it the MOST FUN thing is the world is to shoot something into the air.

What you’ll need:

• 2 Liter Soda Bottle

• Pencils

• Duck tape

• A cork

• A paper towel

• ½ cup White Vinegar

• 1 cup Baking soda

5. No Sleep Til Drumming

Obviously my favorite project of all time, Turning ANYTHING into a musical instrument! A drum kit can be made out of a few things that you can pull together pretty easy and quickly so you can spend the rest of your day partying hard!

What you'll need:

• A trash can

• 3 Buckets (any size)

• A cardboard box

• A metal Paint Tray

• A chain

• 2 Drumsticks

• And A LOT of clear packing tape!

Tweet me your drum kit pics! @AndrewWk

Keep It tuned to Maker’s Cartoonium for more! Your friend, Andrew W.K.

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