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It's Colombia, Not Columbia!

Some things you should know about this beautiful South American country.

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Colombia produces and exports many things...

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I know, I know what you are thinking... 'what about cocaine? Listen, we can't be mad at the facts, but whoever thinks Colombia only produces cocaine is simply ignorant. We are producers of coffee, tropical fruits, flowers, raw oil, etc. And we export them everywhere legally!

No, we are not Mexico.

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People think we drink margaritas, mojitos, and eat tacos, burritos and tortillas. No, mi amigo, we drink Aguardiente and Rum. We have many soups and other dishes, like: ajiaco, sancocho, bandeja paisa, sudado... the list is long and it's different in every region; you can google it.

P.S... try arepas; they are yummy!

Whoever comes to this country will not be kidnapped.

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You can travel anywhere in Colombia, as long as you know where you are going. A very common mistake foreigners make is going to areas where not even locals will go.

Biodiversity is one of our strengths.


Its tropical weather allows different kinds of vegetation to grow and be the home to several species of animals. In Colombia, you can see hawling monkeys, Amazon river dolphins (pink dolphins), some of the most poisonous frogs in the world and more than 1.000 bird species.


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You might have seen them in movies or TV shows; he represents the Colombian coffee industry and the way (most) coffee farmers dress: a white hat, a satchel (carriel), and a poncho (we also call it 'mulera'). Conchita represents the way coffee used to be transported from the farms to the towns were it is sold.

Sombrero Vueltiao'

Donaldo Zuluaga / Via colprensa

This hat is a cultural icon of Colombia. It is made by the indigenous tribe Zenú with a material called wild cane. It's called Vueltiao' (voltear=turn around) because they can turn the wild cane around between 19 and 27 times depending on the final product they desire to make.

We have so much to be proud.

Colombians who made us proud during the Olympics 2012 (left to right):

Mariana Pajón and Carlos Mario Oquendo: BMX (gold-bronze)

Jackeline Rentería- women's freestyle 55gr (bronce)

Óscar Muñoz-Taekwondo (bronze)

Caterine Ibargüen-Women's Athletics (silver)

Yuri Alvear-Judo (bronze)

Oscar Figeroa-weightlifting (silver)

Rigoberto Urán- road race (silver)

La selección Colombia.


This is our national soccer team; we made it to the playoffs in Brazil 2014 and got the fifth place. They became very popular for celebrating their goals dancing salsa 'choke'. Quite catchy, I must say.

Some of these players are in international leagues, like Real Madrid, Chelsea, Porto, etc.

We dance 'Vallenato'.


Vallenato is folk music from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, the key instrument is the accordion and tons of passion. We also have 'cumbia' as part of folk music but we are more likely to dance vallenato at a party.

Here is a song by the Colombian singer Carlos Vives: 'Carito me habla en inglés'

It's the story of a boy who falls in love with his Bostonian English teacher, Caroline.

Gabriel García Marquez was Colombian :)

Gabriel Garcia Marquez / Via

The Nobel prize winner who wrote: One Hundred Years of Solitude, No One Writes to the Colonel, Chronicle of a Death Foretold among others was born in Aracataca, Colombia.

Ok, you probably knew this one, but it was worth mentioning ;)

This and much more is Colombia!!!


Colombia will impress you with its kind people, breathtaking landscapes and delicious food. If you don't feel like it, at least don't spread negative stereotypes you see on TV. Like an old advertisement says: The only risk, is that you want to stay.

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