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The Coolest Websites You Can Play With

Browse and click? Nah! All the websites below allow you to guide, play and tickle your way through a whole new digital universe.

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1. Brandon Generator

Brandon Generator / Via

Brandon Generator is an HTMl5 website that was designed to show case Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer. In a nutshell it is an interactive animated movie that tells the story of a writer that lives in a dream like world of his imagination. The cool bit is that visitors to the site choose the direction of the story by making submissions. The music is great, the animation great and the fact that it is interactive makes it even cooler.

2. Three Dreams of Black

Three Dreams of Black / Via

This site is a vision of what the future holds for music videos. Created to promote Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s album Rome; the site creates an interactive 3D world that moves along to the music. It feels like you are in a dream when you are playing it. You need to check it out.

3. Yas Marina Circuit

Yas Marina Circuit / Via

The entire F1 Yas Marina Circuit has been mapped out on this ingenious website that allows you to take a drive of discovery around the circuit. The page utilises scroll path java script to fly around a single page that is over 4 meters wide and 3 meters tall!

5. Rumpetroll

Rumpetroll / Via

This site is really silly, but quite compelling all the same. Basically you swim around in a infinitely large pool as a little tadpole and chat to other users that are swimming around too.

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