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13 Haikus For Anyone Who's Ever Eaten A Grilled Cheese

A poetic exploration of America's beautiful creation.

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It is almost noon
Something delicious for lunch
Shall find my way soon

A grilled cheese sandwich
What a delectable meal
To rid my anguish


Spices for flavor
Chopped garlic goes in as well
Spread that sweet butter

Cheese in the middle
Pressed between two bread slices
Next comes the griddle

All the melted cheese
Oh such a world of wonder
That sets me at ease


The golden hot crust
Borders the gooey center
Eat this now I must

The very first bite
Fills my soul with ecstasy
I'm high as a kite

Everything seems clear
I am at peace with the world
Like I have no fear


Buttery fingers
Cheese hanging off of my lip
The taste still lingers

Up to the last piece
Crumbs everywhere on my shirt
An end to this feast

I look at my plate
As I wipe both of my hands
Man that shit was great

It went by so fast
Am I dreaming or awake?
I wish it could last

My sandwich is gone
It rests inside my belly
Thus ending my song

For beauty & style as you are.
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