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27 Speculative Fiction And Related Books To Read This June

This June, we're treated to space operas, urban fantasies, anthologies, and some nonfiction to keep your to-read shelf brimming over as it gets warm out. Here's a selection of books coming out this month that you should buy:

AndrewLiptak 4 years ago

30 Science Fiction, Fantasy And Horror Books To Pick Up In May 2015

It's May already, and with a new month, there's a whole new group of books coming out for your reading pleasure. This month, we have some exciting re-releases, new fantasies, science fiction tales and some related non-fiction! Here's 30 titles that really caught our eyes:

AndrewLiptak 4 years ago

25 Books For November

This is a bit late, but the onslaught of books doesn't stop. November has a number of new releases coming out. Here's a bunch of books coming out this month!

AndrewLiptak 5 years ago

39 Science Fiction, Fantasy And Horror Books For September

September is upon us, and with the unofficial end of summer comes the end to the Summer Beach reads. Here's a whole new list of books to delve into as summer comes to a close: anthologies, collections, biographies, histories, as well as science fiction, fantasy and horror.

AndrewLiptak 5 years ago

40 SF/F Books To Read In June 2014

The year's half over now, but there's a new cohort of books arriving this month to fill your bookshelves. From anthologies to collections, and from fantasy to weird horror to science fiction, to mystery to non-fiction, there's plenty of books coming out this month to keep every fan happy.

AndrewLiptak 5 years ago

2013 Shirley Jackson Awards Finalists

The Shirley Jackson awards are presented each year to recognize the legacy of Shirley Jackson's work by honoring stories of psychological suspense, horror and the dark fantastic. The juried awards are presented each year at ReaderCon in Burlington MA. Here's the list of finalists for 2013:

AndrewLiptak 5 years ago

The 2014 Locus Awards Finalists

The finalists for the annual Locus Awards have been announced! The finalists are the top five entries voted upon by readers of the magazine.

AndrewLiptak 5 years ago

The 2014 Philip K. Dick Award Winner Is...

Every year, the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society awards the Philip K. Dick Award at Norwescon in Washington state. They are awarded to the best original paperback published each year in the US. This year's winner is:

AndrewLiptak 5 years ago

33 SF/F Books Coming Out In April 2014 That You Need To Read

Now that Spring has arrived, you might be tempted to escape from your house and into the relative warmth and sunlight that's coming. Don't forget to check out the next cohort of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror books coming out in April.

AndrewLiptak 6 years ago