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Pastor Who Introduces Newt Gingrich Called Mormonism A Cult

Perry pastor took heat, now Newt's.

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Rick Perry took heat back in October after Pastor Robert Jeffress, who introduced Perry at the Values Voter Summit, called Mormonism a "cult."

This morning in Florida, the Daily Mail reported that Dr Howard Rodney-Browne, who offered a prayer at an event before the arrival of Newt Gingrich also called Mormonism a cult.

He expressed grave reservations, however, about Mitt Romney's Mormon faith.
'Mormonism is a cult and that's the problem,' he said.

'Mormonism, if you study the whole history of it, and I'm not trying to create a problem, but they had death squads that would go around kill everybody that wasn't a Mormon.'

Mormons, he said, were 'very honourable people, very clean-married, godly, family' and their faith had 'been doctored up and painted nicely.' But the 'problem is the additon to the scripture, which is the book of Mormon, and all the other additives that Joseph Smith brought to the table.'

Gingrich was not present for the Pastor's remarks.