This Is The Best Turducken On The Internet

Watch an award-winning turducken assembler do his thing. (Step-by-step instructions included.)

1. Thanksgiving is right around the corner…

2. which means it’s TURDUCKEN time!

3. You’ll need…

1 turkey (16-18 lbs)
1 chicken (around 4 lbs)
4 boneless duck breasts (around 2 lbs total)
Stuffing (around 4 lbs of your favorite recipe)
Butcher’s twine
A sharp knife
A trussing needle (like this one)

4. Here’s how to do it…

Veteran butcher Armand Ferrante, who won the 2012 Whole Foods Best Butcher Award, shows you how to make a perfect turducken.

5. Step 1: Debone the turkey.

Working with a very sharp knife, remove the chest cavity and thigh bones.

6. Step 2: Layer in some stuffing.

Place stuffing under the breasts and where the thigh bone used to be.

7. Step 3: Debone the chicken the same way.

8. Step 4: Lay the chicken inside the turkey, layering with stuffing.

9. Step 5: Skin the duck breasts.

10. Step 6: Lay the duck breasts on top of the chicken.

11. Step 7: Sew up the back, using butcher twine.

12. Step 8: Tie butcher string around the Turducken so that it maintains its shape.

13. Step 9: Admire your creation.

14. Step 10: Roast.

Roast the turducken at 375°F for around 25 minutes per pound, or until the internal temperature is 165°F.

15. Step 11: DESTROY.

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