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    A Skateboarding Bulldog's Guide To The Perfect Summer

    If there's one thing Beefy the Skateboarding Dog knows better than his wheels, it's how to have a good time in the summer.

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    We were so lucky that Beefy could take time out of his busy schedule to teach us a few fun summer tricks.

    His fun meter is finely tuned so you can trust him.

    His list obviously includes some delicious watermelon.

    ...and sweet hats.

    Of course, some sick beats are on the to-do list.

    We've never seen anyone model jorts like Beefy.

    And he kills it in his shades.

    He even showed us the proper way to eat some ice cream.

    But nothing can convey his sage summer wisdom like watching him in action here:

    View this video on YouTube

    Thanks, Beefy!

    Be sure to follow Beefy @beefythebulldog and like him on

    facebook to get more awesome tricks and see him in action!!

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