The #DateOliver Campaign. 25 Reasons To Date Our Friend Oliver.

Our friend Oliver is single and we aren’t sure why. This post was done partly because he jokingly said “do it” and partly we think he’s a great guy that deserves someone special. Interested? Send an email to with why Olly should date you. Also be sure to include your Facebook link, so we can “check” you out. (All submissions will be kept secret and just for Oliver’s personal use)

1. He’s really really good looking. (He doesn’t actually smoke)

Again, he doesn’t smoke… but if he did, he would be really good looking doing it. lol

2. He’s British. Yeah, British. That accent.

3. He has really good looking friends.

Who doesn’t want to date someone with good looking friends?! They also take really good photos together.

4. He’s really organized.

5. He’s got a sense of humor.

He’s got a sense of humor, so many people are lacking one these days.

6. He has “real” fun.

He doesn’t go get wasted at the bar and call it a good time. He actually has a good time.

7. Did we mention he’s really handsome?!

Don’t forget that British accent.

8. Some more cute friends.

9. He just runs marathons and shit.

10. He loves his mum.

11. He can pull off the smart & studious look.

12. He’s totally into sunsets.

He live in Los Angeles and that means your already that much closer to Sunsets on the beach.

13. He can cook.

14. He goes backstage. AKA he’s kinda a big deal.

He works in music. Management side. That’s a keeper.

15. He’s friends with One Direction.

just kidding. But would that even help his chances?!

16. He’s a hopeless romantic.

Even if it’s just with a friend… for now.

17. Did we mention he loves to run?!

Stamina, think about the stamina.

18. He’s a team player.

His friends continue to be ridiculously good looking.

19. Just. Look. At. This. Photo.

Think about the future.

20. Kids adore him.

If the kids love him, then shouldn’t all of us?!

21. He’s a coffee drinker.

How cute is this pic?! We love it!

22. Teaches kids how to take #selfies

Teaching children important skills for our digital world.

23. Who’s more adorable, the kid or Oliver?!

We love all the photos with kids on his Instagram. @Ollywood299

24. He’s got a pretty amazing love for life.

25. #DateOliver

Be sure to check out Oliver on his social media.
IG @Ollywood299 Twitter @Ollywoodhills

26. Interested?!

Email your submission to

Please include why you think your the perfect mate to date Olly.
Don’t forget your Facebook profile link in your email, so we can “investigate” you.

(All submissions will be kept secret and just for Oliver’s personal use)

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