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Posted on 18 Apr 2016

This Is Probably The Best Harry Potter–Themed Surprise Party Ever

Complete with Golden Snitches, troll fingers, Butterbeer, a Sorting Hat, and the Marauder's Map.

Two friends from Mumbai, Danish Bagdadi and Shraddha Uchil, recently threw a surprise birthday party for one of their closest friends.

Danish Bagdadi
Shraddha Uchil

But the party wasn't just any surprise birthday. It was an insanely well-planned, and super-fun Harry Potter–themed party.

Danish Bagdadi / Shraddha Uchil

"She's the biggest Potterhead ever! Plus it's an important birthday and she deserved all the love she could get for it," Bagdadi told BuzzFeed. "We had spoken in jest a few weeks back about how she’d probably want a ticket to Hogwarts as a birthday gift and here we tried to make the magic come true in our own little way," he added.

"We started planning the party only a week in advance, so we weren’t sure how we’d pull it off. So we kept it simple," Uchil told BuzzFeed.

Danish Bagdadi / Shraddha Uchil

"Luckily we got some much needed help from a few other friends and Shraddha’s resourcefulness saw us through in the end," Bagdadi chimed In.

"A Potter-themed cake was a must, of course. Apart from that, we re-created some elements from the series," she added.

Danish Bagdadi / Shraddha Uchil

"Since finding Harry Potter merchandise in India is not easy, we had to make a lot of the stuff from scratch," Uchil said.

Danish Bagdadi / Shraddha Uchil
Danish Bagdadi / Shraddha Uchil

A Marauder’s Map, a Sorting Hat, floating Hogwarts letters, potions bottles, and pages from The Daily Prophet were all part of the décor.

"We also wanted some of the food to fit the theme, so we made Golden Snitches by attaching paper wings to Ferrero Rochers."

Danish Bagdadi / Shraddha Uchil

"A friend baked a batch of troll-finger cookies, and we made lots of Butterbeer," Uchil told BuzzFeed.

Danish Bagdadi / Shraddha Uchil
Danish Bagdadi / Shraddha Uchil

"The idea was to try and re-create as many elements from the movies and books," Bagdadi said. "She had to feel she’d stepped into anything but her home, which for most of it we pulled off."

Danish Bagdadi / Shraddha Uchil

"Some of the stuff we couldn’t finish in time, but there’s always another birthday for that," he added.


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