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    Siri Messed Up And Wished People For The Wrong Holiday

    Goddammit Siri, you had one job.

    On October 22, Hindus all over India were celebrating Dussehra.

    But as many people soon noticed, Siri, Apple's little helper got confused with Indian holidays and their accompanying greetings.

    When asked, "Is today a holiday," Siri would reply with "Today is Dussehra. Eid Mubarak!".

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    "Eid Mubarak" is a greeting used by Muslims during the festival of Eid.

    Via Twitter: @htTweets

    And it has absolutely nothing to do with Dussehra.

    And well, a lot of people had questions about Siri's behaviour.

    Siri seems to have gotten her facts straight, and now replies with this:

    BuzzFeed India

    C'mon Siri.

    H/t Huffington Post India.

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