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22 Photos That Prove Indians Have Zero Fucks To Give

Nobody cares about anything.

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1. There are no rules in India.

2. We get shit done the way we want to get shit done.

3. Safety is not one of the things we care about.

4. Because we care about nothing.


5. We know we're baller as hell.

6. And if you think you can one up us, think again.

7. We have no concern for professionalism and decorum.

8. We can do whatever we want.

9. And we do. We do whatever the fuck we want.

10. You say we can't travel in a crowded car. Pfft.

11. You say the train is full. Bro, c'mon.

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12. We are not here to please you.

13. You think we give a shit about rules?

14. We don't do things according to the "rules".

15. What are rules even?

16. Nothing we know anything about.

17. Seriously, even the animals here don't have time for your shit.

18. And we showcase it everywhere we go.

19. We need you to know that our fucks metre is literally at zero.

20. And if you think we're playing with you...

21. Think again.

22. Indians really don't have a single fuck to spare.